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Myrtle Point Passes Resolution, Tillamook On Deck


Yesterday the City of Myrtle Point sent a message to the Coos County Commissioners and unanimously passed a pro Second Amendment resolution that the County would not.

The resolution specifically opposes the proposed expansion of the gun owner registration system. Congratulations Myrtle Point for leading the way. We expect other cities to follow.

“Moms Demand Action” is amping up its screed against gun rights to county commissioners with its usual boatload of lies. Now is not the time to relax.

Tomorrow Tillamook County will be hearing a pro Second Amendment resolution. The commission meeting starts at 8:30 am. Public comments start at 10 am. County Commission contact info, location and agenda can be found here. If you can attend, please do. Whether you can or not, please contact the commissioners with this simple message; “I am strongly in favor of the resolution supporting the Second Amendment.”

Columbia County is still dragging its feet even though a pro-gun resolution has been brought before them. A call or email to them reminding them that many other counties have stepped up would be in order. Ask them what they are waiting for.

Corvallis once again took no action on a loaded carry ban. They have considered an ordinance, a resolution, a statement and may now be lurching towards a city wide suggestion that everyone be nice to each other. This nonsense over one sighting of one person with an openly carried firearm who threatened no one and committed no crime. Really Corvallis City Council, don’t you have anything real to deal with?

Once again, thank you for all the hard work each of you are doing that makes these victories possible.