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03.06.14 Update On SB 1551

The twists and turns of SB 1551 are continuing. The bill started life as an attempt by Floyd Prosanzki and other anti-rights legislators to create a universal gun registration scheme in Oregon of the type being used in other states to confiscate guns from people whose only crime was owning Constitutionally-protected firearms. If passed, SB 1551 […]

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August 2012, OFF’s Response to Ceasefire Oregon

The smoke had not yet cleared at the theater in Aurora, Colo., when the first new demands to restrict Americans’ rights made their way through the media. It was predictable as October rain in Oregon. The Brady Campaign demanded sweeping new restrictions on millions of Americans who had committed no crime. One local anti-gun group […]

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A Response to John Nichols of Oregon Gun Owners

A Response to John Nichols of Oregon Gun Owners by Kevin Starrett, Executive Director.If you followed the Oregon legislature in the 1999 session, you know that gun owners in Oregon narrowly defeated a bill (HB 2535) which was the first step towards universal gun registration. Among its many bad provisions were requirements that guns transferred […]

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Why The Republican’s Will Be Crushed In November, Russ Howard. July 2008

Another Reason The Republicans Will Be Crushed In November By Russ Howard. OFF Member and California Freedom Activist. July 2008 Subject: How about wearing a stun bracelet on your next flight? Washington Times Want some torture with your peanuts? Bush pokes the Islamic hornet nest overseas while subverting our own borders and immigration laws, ensuring […]

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April 2007. A Gun Rights Activist Responds To The Virginia Tech Shooting. By Paul Vallone President of Grassroots North Carolina

A Gun RIghts Activist Responds To The Virginia Tech Shooting. By F. Paul Valone F. Paul Valone is president of Grassroots North Carolina, a Second Amendment advocacy group. If your state lawmakers killed legislation to protect students from slaughter, would you celebrate by saying, “I’m sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly’s […]

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03.29.2007 Supreme Court Declares Self Defense Legal

March 29, 2007 Supreme Court Rules “No Duty To Retreat” On March 29 2007, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that Oregonians have no “duty to retreat” when faced with a violent confrontation. This is certainly welcome news. It also means that several bills that would have accomplished the same thing may now be unnecessary. That […]

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