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Senator Floyd Prozanski. Provable, Certified Liar.

By Kevin Starrett

No doubt by now many of you have received an email (or possibly a snail mail) from Senator Floyd Prozanski attacking me personally (again).

In large part a rehash of a similar attack he sent some months ago, this message has some new accusations that require a response.

While I will attempt to address them point by point, I would like to start with one issue that needs to be put to rest because some people seem to believe there is some truth to it.

Prozanski has in the past, and again in his latest email, accused me of using a doctored photo of him in an email alert. In his latest attack on me he even included a link to the photo which appeared on someone else’s website, “Ammoland.”  In his email he says the following; “As clearly indicated by its web address, the altered photograph was posted on The posting, titled “Anti-Gun Oregon Senator Prozanski, Cuckoo or Crazy Like a Fox,” was uted by and credited to OFF” .

To set the record straight here are the facts. “Ammoland”, like many other pro gun sites and chat boards, often reproduces OFF alerts. (Type “Prozanski” in the search field. ) People, from firearms instructor Jim Jacobe to nationally known gun writer David Codrea, either reproduce or post links to our legislative alerts. We do not ask for this to be done, nor do we require permission that it be done.

In this case, “Ammoland” apparently included the altered photo of Prozanski  when they reproduced our alert. (An unaltered photo appears there now.)  Let’s be clear and unequivocal. The altered photo was NEVER posted on our site, was not created, approved, suggested or even seen by us before Ammoland posted our alert. In short, myself, OFF and everyone associated with OFF had nothing to do with this photo of Prozanski. He is quite simply lying about it. He has been informed we had nothing to do with it but continues to lie about it. In his most recent attack he states “Although he took down the image the day after I pointed it out, Kevin failed to realize that it would be retained on the World Wide Web.”

Here is a news flash for you Floyd, that photo never appeared on our website, and if it had, we would not have taken it down because of anything a lying coward like you said. Furthermore, it was not “uted” by us and if it was “credited” to us, prove it. Your claim that it appeared on our website is a bald faced lie. The assertion that we in some way “provided” this photo is too. Quite frankly Floyd, you do a fine job making yourself look foolish, you don’t need our help with that. If it was “retained on the web” how come there is no link or record of it on our site?

Just to further prove how far from reality Prozanski resides, he also stated “…Kevin continued to deny any association with the altered photo of me that appeared … and his accusation that I was the person who fabricated it.”  Please Floyd, show us where I accused you of fabricating the picture. Another lie. Really Floyd, I doubt you have the creativity or skill to come up with something like that.

So here’s the deal Prozanski, our political action committee will write a $5000.00 check to your reelection campaign if you can provide proof of your claim that this image ever appeared on our site or that it was created or uted by anyone from OFF to any other site.  It’s right here on the internet, saved for all time.

Thousands of people get our alerts. If we did what this pathetic liar accused us of, SOMEONE will be able to provide documentation.  Put up or shut up Floyd.

I presume that addresses that issue. Now let’s respond to some other things Prozanski has said.

Prozanski says “After my first e-mail, Kevin sent me a message demanding that I apologize to him for stating that he altered my picture and posted it on He even threatened to file an ethics complaint if I did not.Knowing that my statements are factual, I sincerely had hoped that Kevin would file his complaint. ”

I never said anything in my email to Prozanski about “posting on Ammoland”. This is absurd. I don’t even know if a person can “post on Ammoland”. Show us the email Floyd. I am sure you have a copy. No wait, I have a copy. What follows is the exact text of the email I sent to Prozanski:
Dear Senator Prozanski,
By now you have no doubt seen my response to the email you sent out yesterday dealing with gun legislation.
Frankly, I have no problem with your accusations about my use of “scare tactics” and “misinformation.” My alerts are available for anyone to see anytime and I will stand by their accuracy. However, in your email you made the following statement: ” Many of you have received information from Kevin Starrett of Oregon Firearms Federation, who has used scare tactics, misinformation and “photo shopped” pictures to berate the bill or me.”This is false. No alerts or other communication dealing with the pending bills, or you, contained a photo, much less one that was “photo shopped” of you.
For the record, I do not own Photo Shop and can assure you that I have better things to do than “photo shop” images of you.
Inasmuch as this false and bizarre accusation reflects directly on my credibility and professionalism, I request that you correct the record with all who received your first email. Out of respect for your office and the reality that you and I will no doubt be involved with each other on a professional basis I would accept a simple correction and retraction. I believe this would be preferable to any ethics complaint.
As you know, lobbyists are expected to abide by certain accepted standards, I believe legislators should as well. Your accusation is false and needs to be corrected.

Kevin Starrett


One note. After sending this  email I did recall a web page (not an alert) that dealt with bills sent to Prozanski’s committee. That page did include a photo of him, but as noted and corrected here, the image was only a copy of his legislative web page photo and was not “photoshopped.” The only change made it was that it was reproduced in black and  white.

In fact, I did contact the ethics commission. They informed me that they would not consider any complaint unless if involved a legislator illegally taking money. I can assure that had that not been the case, a complaint would have been filed.

In the opening of his email Prozanski says “I believe that it is important to communicate directly with folks, especially as I try to set the record straight against someone spreading misinformation about me.”

This is, of course, the same accusation Prozanski has made in the past, that I mislead and lie about him.

Prozanski continues to assert that I lie and mislead about him and his record.  But the problem for Prozanski is that everything we write and distribute is available for anyone to read and judge for themselves. In fact, any ten year old with an internet connection can research everything we report and learn for themselves if any of Prozanski’s accusations have any merit. It’s interesting to note that for all the lies I am accused of creating, Prozanski cannot provide a single example of one. Not one.  Really Floyd, with that crack staff of yours who managed to find an altered photo of you on a website OFF has nothing to do with, don’t you think those well trained legislative aides could find at least ONE example of anything I have said which is not 100% accurate? (Hard to find good help these days isn’t it?)  Really, I can provide numerous lies from just one of his emails, and he can’t provide a single one from the dozens and dozens of alerts available to anyone on our website. And this guys is a “municipal prosecutor”? (Oh that would be traffic tickets right?)

Floyd’s next big lie is that we use our email alerts to raise money. Now, why Prozanski thinks we should not raise money to fight liars like him may be explained by the fact that 100% of his income comes from feeding at the public trough both in and out of  session, but we welcome anyone to view our legislative alerts and judge for themselves how often we use them as a fund raising tool. Come on Floyd, they are right there on our website, even if you cannot read and understand legislation, you should be able to read alerts and then count. Go ahead. Count them.Advocacy organizations raise money. We do it far less than most. Really not important, but just another demonstrable lie from Floyd.

As part of his attack on me Prozanski says “Since Kevin did not give you all of the facts, here is a link to the bill signed by the Governor:”

The bizarre thing is that the alert he was attacking contained a link to the very bill he said I was not giving the facts about! What is this guy talking about? Why not just list the “facts” I did not provide? Because he can’t.

Prozanski goes on with this gem:“Kevin continues to provide you with misinformation and has lost credibility with many legislators. I suggest you consider getting the facts from another gun rights organization. The NRA and the Oregon Gun Owners are two respected advocacy groups that will provide you with actual facts and that work positively with legislators. Those groups are known to advocate effectively for gun rights in Oregon.”

Once again, Prozanski and his crack staff fail to provide a single example of the “misinformation” while suggesting you get your “facts” from NRA and “Oregon Gun Owners.”

While we often disagree with the NRA, here’s a fact from them that we share,Prozanski received ad “F” from NRA .  It’s pretty hard to get an “F” from NRA, yet Prozanzki states (presumably with a straight face) that he is “pro-gun.”

“Oregon Gun Owners” is best known for drafting and promoting a bill to ban private sales at gun shows and when that failed they attempted to get a measure on the ballot  to do the same. That  also failed. Of course, “Oregon Gun Owners” endorsed Prozanski and anti-gun Senate President Peter Courtney.  “Oregon Gun Owners” lobbyist could not even correctly say how long a concealed handgun license was valid for when he testified before a House Committee. No wonder Floyd wants you to get your information from them.

Prozanski’s lies may well be too many to catalog, but one final lie deserves attention. In his  attack on me he says :”As stated in my last e-mail, I am pro-gun. I support the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 27, of the Oregon Constitution. I personally own several firearms and have owned guns since I was 15. I am also a member of my party’s gun caucus.”

Well Floyd, you can say you’re an astronaut too, but that does not make you one. Prozanski killed efforts to keep CHL info private and turned a bill that clarified carry on motorcycles and ATVs into a bill to ban self-defense firearms on school property. He reversed a bill he himself carried and  passed through his committee CORRECTION. IT PASSED THE FULL SENATE(twice) but clearly never read or understood,to give persons a path for firearms rights restoration and manipulated hearings to prevent any meaningful testimony by pro-gun advocates. Can you  imagine if he were anti-gun?

Prozanski has proven himself to be not only a determined enemy of liberty and  the Second Amendment, but a provable liar. This must be why he is the Senate Judiciary Chair.

Kevin Starrett