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06.10.2010 David Pyles Letter

June 10, 2010

Mr. Kevin Starrett
Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation
P.O. Box 556
Canby, OR 97013

RE: David Pyles’ thank you for OFEF’s & OFF’s “No Compromise” support, as related to the Medford SWAT (ODOT et al) unprecedented operations of March 4th to 8th, 2010

Dear Kevin:
I am writing, following the phone call and brief status update I provided earlier this week, to thank you for the continued support of the Oregon Firearms Education Foundation and the Oregon Firearms Federation! I cannot express my sincere gratitude and appreciation enough, to again thank the OFEF, the OFF, yourself especially, as well as all the OFF members and other individuals who have reached out to me in support to educate, inform and empower me to fight the alleged and obvious injustices I experienced first-hand on March 8th, 2010. Based on my experience, understanding and belief, ” ’No Compromise’ is not an option, but rather a responsibility, to ensure our inalienable Constitutional and First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights!”

I am also writing to provide the OFF and OFEF a more complete status update on my situation. As you will recall, I was placed on paid administrative leave on March 4, 2010, by my (now former) employer, the Oregon Dept. of Transportation (ODOT). This followed my consistent allegations via union grievances procedures, of the employer’s workplace harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation since approximately June 2009. Subsequently, during the early morning hours of March 8, 2010, I suffered the terrifying experience of the Medford SWAT “peace officer mental hold” incident and forced psychiatric exam at the Rogue Valley Medical Center. I understand this “psychological -oops!-eration” by these agencies was the direct result of alleged obvious, undue, unconscionable, unconstitutional and illegal influence and communications’ collusion of my former employer, the ODOT and its representatives, in coordination with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO), Oregon State Police (OSP), Medford Police Dept. (MPD) and other law enforcement agencies and their public official representatives. The alleged inappropriate and illegal communications resulted in compromised data integrity and confidentiality of the OSP firearms purchase background checks. I remained on paid administrative leave with ODOT, duty stationed at my home, until May 14, 2010.

I was wrongfully terminated, without just cause, by the ODOT on May 14, 2010. I was dismissed with over six-year’s exemplary public service and documented performance record. I was fired with only four-days prior verbal notice, and a letter of written “cause” for termination received only two days prior to May 14th.

Since being unjustly dismissed by ODOT, I have applied for state unemployment insurance benefits, only to be unexpectedly denied UI benefits last week by the Oregon Employment Department. It appears denial was determined “just because” ODOT says so, regardless of what violations I or my union have grieved and continue to grieve. Needless to say, I feel as if much of Oregon state government is out to literally destroy and further harm me by any means it is capable (e.g., now economic harm). I am presently seeking employment; however, as you can imagine in this economy and in this region, following the highly public, embarrassing, humiliating and defamatory events of March 8th and subsequent media coverage, I have certain obvious limitations and options for viable employment at this time.

However rest assured, I am doing very well in the big picture! I remain in very good spirits, am optimistic, and maintain a positive, healthy perspective on these most unpleasant and unfortunate matters. God has truly blessed me during this time. So many co-workers, friends, family, new acquaintances, organizations and persons I’ve never met have been so kind and generous to express their understanding, empathy and support to me since March 8th. Many have also provided small gifts of monetary resources, in addition to the kind resources the OFEF has provided. How can I express my thanks for such generosity? These gracious utions to date have assisted me to retain an attorney and legal counsel, Mr. Jeffery H. Boiler, of Springfield, Oregon, which otherwise, would have been very limited given my present (and near future) economic resources to apply toward fighting my case aggressively. I cannot express my appreciation enough, in any sufficiently appropriate manner at this time, which genuinely expresses my gratitude toward such an outpouring of support and resources. I am deeply touched and moved. “Thank you!”

Furthermore, the Association of Engineering Employees (AEE, my union) and Mr. Boiler are working in my interests, toward an aligned strategy which seeks appropriate justice and fair treatment of my case. Effectively, AEE is leading continued union contract grievance matters (Step 3 Dept. of Administrative Service grievances, and Step 4 Arbitration, as necessary) following my termination. Mr. Boiler is working to address and protect all legal rights and remedies available, which are employment law, civil rights, and/or constitutional law matters, external to the union’s labor contract with the State. As OFF, OFEF and its members can appreciate, the State of Oregon (and the other agencies involved) knows it has every advantage of government to avoid, delay, impede and confuse my ability to legally fight for justice.

Therefore, as I plan for a long, drawn out legal battle in the coming weeks and months, in principle seeking fairness and justice to vindicate my professional career and personal reputation, I know I am likely to face many more obstacles and hardships. Because of an anticipated minimum 60 to 90 day timeframe to address my appeal of the State’s UI benefits denial, I am facing near-future economic hardship simply to be able to survive and maintain a reasonable quality of life in my current home. I seek not to be homeless in the coming months, should I not soon find gainful employment, however this may be a looming reality. Yet, I am resolved to endure whatever is necessary, to ultimately win victory in this unnecessary employment issues “war” initiated by ODOT, which became something much more threatening to each and every Oregonian (U.S citizen?) on March 8, 2010. The injustices I’ve experienced cannot be tolerated or allowed to stand!

In closing, as we briefly discussed, I am unexpectedly planning for the means and resources necessary to continue to raise monies to fight my case via personal legal representation. To such ends, I would welcome any further brainstorming, ideas or options we might be able to apply, toward the personal sale, auction or other legal personal property transfer of my firearm(s), which will assist financially to fight my legal case. First up for sale or auction, I offer the American made I.O. Inc., AK-47C “Liberty” model ( see: ), which apparently overly- “gruntled” some public officials at ODOT, JSCO, OSP and the MPD on March 8, 2010. Starting bid, $599.00!

I would appreciate any assistance, alert announcement or facilitation that OFF and/or OFEF may be able to provide to enable publicity of this sale to raise public attention and legal defense funds for my case, as I move forward in this principled Constitutional and employment rights battle. “Viva le resistance for life, ‘Liberty’ and the pursuit of happiness!”

I welcome our future correspondence and communications regarding these matters. The State of Oregon and all Oregonians are in good hands with your organizations’ leadership and advocacy. Thank you again, for OFF’s & OFEF’s no compromise support.

Kind regards,
David J. Pyles
PO BOX 728
Medford, OR 97501