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Senate Judiciary Committee Announces¬† “Discussion on Topics Relating to Firearms.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee, dominated by anti-gun Democrats, has announced that on Thursday, April 28th, it will be holding an “informational meeting on topics related to firearms.”

On the agenda; guns on public school grounds, restoration of gun rights for people convicted of felonies, and access to firearms for persons “suffering from mental health issues”.

This meeting is scheduled for 8:30 AM in room 343 in the Capitol. The public is encourged to attend.

In plain English what this means is that, once again, the anti-gun zealots will be trying to prevent CHL holders from being anywhere where school children gather, they will try to overturn SB 603 from 2009 and probably add more people to the list of those who should be denied firearms because of “mental health issues” even though we have demonstrated to many in the legislature that there are already people on this list who should never have been there, as we predicted.

There are three pro-gun bills on the schedule for that meeting as well.

We have good reason to believe these bill will be used as vehicles to be amended and turned into anti-gun bills.

It is essential that you, once again, contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and demand that they NOT butcher the good bills that passed the House with large majorities.

There are only two Republicans on the Committee. Both are pro-gun and do not need to hear from you unless you are writing to thank them for their commitment to your rights. The three Democrats are going to be the problem.

We encourage you to let them know that you do not want the pro-gun bills used as bargaining chips for Ginny Burdick’s radical anti-rignts agenda.

The Democrats on the committee are :

Floyd Prozanski
Capitol Phone:
District Phone:

Jackie Dingfelder
Capitol Phone:
District Phone:

Suzanne Bonamici
Capitol Phone:
District Phone:

Sample message follows:


Dear Senator,

On Thursday you will have before you three House bills that protect the rights of your constituents. I will be very disappointed if you allow those bills to become vehicles to attack the rights of the people whom you serve.