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HB 2797. a bill requested and drafted by OFF, passed the Oregon House today without a single “no” vote.

This bill does no more than clarify a lawful way to transport a handgun on a motorcycle and defines the term “loaded” when riding a snowmobile or ATV with a firearm.

The ATV/snowmobile issue has bedeviled Oregon gun owners for years and this correction is long overdue.

Given the lack of opposition in committee and on the House floor, we are hopeful that this important legislation will not meet any resistance in the Senate, but stay tuned.

Two other bills that passed the House and have headed over to the Senate, HB 2787 and HB 2792 have not yet been assigned to a Senate Committee but will almost certainly go to Senate Judiciary where they face stiff opposition.

You will soon be receiving more information on how to help get these bills moving in the Senate.

Thanks for you all you have done to get HB 2797 this far.