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02.28.12 BACKSTAB!


Today in addition to gut and stuffing the CHL privacy bill with language by gun hater Floyd Prozanski, we expect the Senate Rules Committee to pass a bill by Senate President Peter Courtney banning guns on school property.

The bill, SB 1594, is a re-write of Burdick’s Senate Bill 1550. It was redrafted in order to bypass all the rules about bill deadlines.

The bill was introduced today, heard on the Senate Floor and referred to the Senate Rules Committee where we expect it to be passed to the Senate Floor as early as today.
We have been informed that several Republican Senators plan to cave and vote for the bill. Folks, we have been totally shafted this time by Courtney and Company.
Please call Peter Courtney’s office right away and express your outrage at this game of bait and switch.

503 986 1600

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