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Where We Stand


We have good news and bad news.

As of now the chaos in the Presidential election shows no sign of abating.

Virtually 100% of the media have anointed Joe Biden President but the Trump campaign has given no indication of giving up as more reports of ballot fraud come in from across the nation.

Here in Oregon, our own elections were shaken up by the abrupt dismissal of a long time elections official.

Unlike any other major Presidential candidate in US history, Biden has said, unequivocally, that he plans to confiscate your guns.  Whatever you think of this election and its outcome, one thing is clear. Biden will be the most dangerous thing that has ever happened to the Second Amendment in our history.

Locally, the people who have been destroying our cities appeared to have taken no comfort in Biden’s declared victory and have now turned their wrath on, of all things, Democrats. However this plays out, there is no reason to expect a reduction in violence and with leading Democrats calling for retribution against anyone who supported Trump, don’t plan on any peace and quiet soon.

Locally, Oregon gun owners did better than many expected.  Not a single Republican who walked out of the last session lost. Both Columbia and Umatilla Counties passed Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances.

OFF’s Political Action Committee was able to contribute substantially to the winners in both the House and Senate. It was your generosity that allowed us to help them to victory. So, thank you.

Two House seats formally held by Democrats are now in the hands of pro-gun Republicans. (Neither Democrat sought reelection.)

House District 9, formally held by Caddy McKeown now is held by pro-gun Boomer Wright.

In District 32, anti-gun Tiffany Mitchell was replaced by Suzanne Weber, another strong supporter of gun rights.

In District 52, anti-gun Anna Williams is (as of this writing) only 176 votes ahead of pro-gun Jeff Helfrich. That’s less than half a percentage point. (Keep that in mind if you wonder whether your vote counts.)

In House District 31, anti-gun Democrat Brad Witt leads pro-gun Brian Stout by a mere 1.26 points in a race that most predicted Witt would walk away with. Keep in mind, although Witt is on record  promoting extreme gun control measures, he was endorsed by the NRA. It’s not hard to conclude that that endorsement alone accounted for his small lead. Once again the NRA has managed to help keep the balance of power with the people who are determined to eliminate your rights.  Why? Who knows?

Only one incumbent Republican House Member lost, Cheri Helt from Bend. (District 54) And while some in the Republican Caucus considered that a defeat, it was a victory for gun owners. Helt was a fraud who sided with the far left on many issues and made attacking gun rights the cornerstone of her campaign. She stayed behind with the Democrats when the real Republicans walked out and served no purpose except as a conduit for information directly to the Democrats she served.   Her defeat was a victory for gun owners.

While some Republicans believe that having even a bad Republican was a good thing, the reality is, it didn’t matter how many Republicans they had, it only mattered how many would stand with them when it came time to walk. Helt betrayed the Republicans every chance she got. Her defeat is no net loss and only makes the caucus stronger.

And now it would seem the House Democrats are in turmoil as their iron fisted House Speaker, Tina Kotek, is facing a challenge from an equally far left radical, Janelle Bynum. Bynum got national attention when, as co-chair of the “Joint Committee On Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform,” she pulled the plug on a remote hearing rather than allow Senator Dallas Heard to ask a question. 

It’s interesting to note that the Republican Senator from Bend, Tim Knopp, also sold out his party and refused to stand with the Republicans to defend your gun rights, preferring to stay behind with the Democrats.

Knopp was endorsed by NRA and given an “A” rating in spite of proudly posing with Bloomberg’s “Mom’s Demand Action” and praising them for their bravery.

Tim Knopp’s Facebook Page

 At this time he is ahead of his opponent by less than 2 points.  While he does add to the total number of Republicans, his siding with the gun grabbing Democrats does nothing to help the caucus. (People who contacted Knopp when he sold out gun owners were told he had “been asked to stay behind to monitor what the Democrats were doing.” Those people were lied to.)

On the Senate side, it appears we may lose one Senate seat in District 10 although that race is still very close. Incumbent Denyc Boles is behind Democrat Deb Patterson by half a point.  The Libertarian candidate has 3.55% and may very well be the reason Republicans lose that seat.

However, anti-gun Democrat Senator Arnie Roblan (District 5) did not seek reelection and is rumored to be planning a move to Connecticut as soon as possible. That seat was taken by pro-gun Republican Dick Anderson. So if the numbers do not change, we will have the same number of Republican Senators and one additional Republican House member.

Perhaps the biggest blow to gun owners was the election of Shemia Fagan to Secretary of State. Fagan is one of the most vitriolic haters of gun rights ever to become involved in Oregon politics.  She was bankrolled almost exclusively by liberal union dollars and has made no secret of her hopes to become Governor “should our current governor leave office.”

(And actually, that could happen if Biden does become President. Senator Merkley could get a cabinet appointment and Brown could seek his seat. Or Biden could give Brown a cabinet appointment directly. Since she cannot run again next election cycle, this could be an appealing way for her to stay in politics. Fagan would be Governor and pick the new Secretary of State.)

Should Fagan become Governor, Oregon gun owners will be looking back fondly on the days of Kate Brown. If the Oregon Legislature cannot agree on a redistricting plan, Fagan and her left wing comrades get to gerrymander Oregon electoral districts as well. Fagan also will preside over Political Action Committees like ours.

Since the state locked the people out of the Capitol, there has been no “business as usual.” All legislative business is conducted remotely and your voice has been effectively muzzled. We simply do not know what the coming session will look like, if it happens at all, so having good legislators representing us is more important than it has ever been.

In spite of the Fagan win, Oregon gun owners made solid gains in an election where a “blue wave” of anti-gun victories was predicted. Your support and generosity helped change the balance of power in the legislature and demonstrated that the battle is far from over.

If you would like to help continue these successes, please consider donating to OFFPAC. Your donation could cost you nothing and can help elect even more good people to office.

Thank you for all you have done to help us put good people in office and thank you for being part of this unprecedented battle.