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We’re Surrounded.


As we enter into the last days of the most destructive legislative session in Oregon history, the pace of the destruction is not slowing.

The Oregon Legislature is passing bills that will cause incalculable damage to our state for many years to come. And, as has become their custom, elected Republicans are rolling over like whipped dogs and watching the state crumble, pausing only to play dead or offer their paws to the majority party while waiting for a command to “fetch.” 

Anything to make sure their payoffs are not endangered.

The Republican House “leader” continues to have delusions of relevance with pointless, theatrical “demands” that the governor open our wounded state while the Senate Republicans demonstrate a complete disconnect from reality with endless requests that people sign “petitions” to stop the Democrat juggernaut, and hey while your at it, will you please send them more money.

To call all this an embarrassment would be to understate it immensely.

Yesterday the entire Portland Police riot squad resigned from that detail making the Rose City one step closer to the goal of its elected leaders…turning Portland into Mogadishu.

As we previously reported, OFF is now in a legal fight to uphold the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances twice passed by the residents of Columbia County.  The Columbia County Commissioners joined forces with Bloomberg’s “Everytown” to challenge the ordinances and now we are faced with a costly battle to defend them.  But this fight is absolutely critical as it might well set a precedent for Second Amendment protection ordinances across the state and country. Unfortunately the main ingredient in court battles is money. And we’re going to need a lot of it.

Meanwhile, another of the “gang of six” sellout cowards in the Republican Senate Caucus is facing a recall.

Lynn Findley, who never met a surrender he could not embrace, is the latest target of completely disgusted voters.

As you know, Senate Republican ‘leader” Fred Girod is also facing a recall.

In his defense Findley said:

“I chose to stand and fight and put stuff on the record,and by staying in the session, I was able to work hard for the constituents. And that’s what I’m supposed to do.”

This is, of course, complete and utter hogwash. The Republican Senators who stayed on the floor for the vote on SB 554, were the servile enablers of their Democrat overlords. But Findley also shines as one of the Republicans most likely to vote for any demented legislation the Democrats beat him over the head with. (Although Hansell, Knopp, Kennemer, Anderson and Girod are doing their best to keep up.)

You may recall that Findley is one of the two bootlicks who turned on the new leaders of the Republican Party to assist the left in doing as much damage as they could to anything rational. Findley is a detestable laughing stock who should be removed from any job with any responsibilities that do not require a mop and dust cloth.

A measure has been filed to refer SB 554 to the ballot. This will be another costly and risky fight. In the event the voters do reject 554 (and given the make up of voters in Portland this is quite the hill to climb) nothing prevents the legislature from simply reinstating another version of it the next time they are in session.

To date, none of the Republicans who we helped elect, who then turned their backs on gun owners, have offered a single dime from their coffers to help in the effort. Of course many of them were eager to remind us that refusing to walk out to stop 554 was no big deal since gun owners could expend massive amounts of money and time to refer it to the ballot. No real need for them to do their job since the people could do it for them. And no need for them to offer any financial assistance either because seriously, they have to get re-elected.

The chief petitioner on the referral to stop SB 554 is Mike Nearman who was recently expelled from the legislature for actually doing what the others only talk about.

Ironically, the other two petitioners are House Reps who voted to expel Mike, so don’t hold your breathe expecting any help from them. And by all means, pray they are never in your foxhole. No way they are risking their payoffs.

You can learn more about the referral and get petitions and offer help here.

But wait, there’s more.

The “faith fakers” of Portland are back with two new anti-rights ballot measures.  Both have been approved to receive “ballot titles.”

In their past incarnations we have been able to hold them at bay with legal challenges. But, the impulse to crush liberty never rests so they are back.

Ballot measure 17 will require that you obtain a “permit” to simply purchase a firearm.  The permit will require “training” and a hefty fee. Ballot Measure 17 also bans most firearms magazines.

Full info on the measure and its sponsors is here.

Ballot Measure 18 bans virtually all modern firearms. The “people of faith” who are pushing this will allow you to keep firearms you already own if you jump through a complex set of hoops. But nothing new or off to jail you go. It’s interesting to note that the folks behind these measures are also big supporters of anti-cop efforts and apologists for the friendly folks who are burning down Portland.  To date we have not seen a single word of condemnation from them for the gun toting thugs who now rule the streets of Bridge Town, but they are quite determined to make sure you white supremacists are disarmed.

Full info on the measure and its sponsors is here.

As you can see, gun owners have a full plate right now. We are battling on multiple fronts, we have virtually no support from the people we helped elect and the cavalry is NOT coming.

All of these efforts are going to be very costly. That’s just the way it is.    Writing and calling your legislators is not going to matter.  Few of them have the courage or the willingness to help anyway.  This is going to come down to money. Pure and simple.

As you know, OFF does not include a request that you “chip in” with every alert we send you. We don’t tell you that we are “tragically short of our goal for the week” or that we need to raise “$10,456.00 tonight to meet the deadline.”  But let’s face it.  We really have our back to the wall now.

We gave generously to candidates who walked away from the fight. That’s money we could have spent on these battles. But the fight did not walk away.  We need your help.

Anything you give will be an investment in your rights and property. Anything you can afford will be used to put the brakes on the blood thirsty leftists who are determined to crush liberty and sanity in our state.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

You can use either of the following links to contribute to this battle.

If you prefer, there is an orange button on this page to donate through PAYPAL.