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We Were Wrong




On May 5th we posted an alert with the headline “The Sellout Is Complete.”

That headline was wrong and we want to officially retract it. The “sellout” is far from complete.

The same backstabbing Republicans who handed the militant left a victory on self defense restrictions has once again upped the ante. Now they want to destroy the Republican Party, or what’s left of it after their disgraceful actions this session.

In February, after years of rudderless and ineffective “leadership,”  the Oregon Republican Party elected a new slate of party officers. The old guard was replaced by Senators Dallas Heard and Dennis Linthicum and former Senator and current county commissioner, Herman Baertschiger.

Baertschiger led the successful Senate walkout last session and stopped not only terrible gun bills, but a host of other dangerous legislation. Heard and Linthicum were among the 6 Senators who refused to participate in this session’s side show and walked out on SB554, the recently passed anti self defense bill.

Together they were overwhelmingly elected to leadership roles in the Republican Party…by Republican Party members.

But the current Republican sellouts have decided the new leaders must be punished for standing up for your rights.

Republican Senators Findley, Hansel, and Anderson crawled into bed with militant leftist anti-gunner Rob Wagner to push a bill created to attack only the new party leadership.

SB 865 was created to specifically target Senators Linthicum and Heard and fine them $250.00 per day as long as they were party officials. Please be clear, this attack on Republican Party officers was drafted by REPUBLICANS! We have received reports that amendments are being considered to also force Baertschiger out.

Senator Anderson has since removed his name from the bill but was originally listed as a sponsor. Republican Senator “leader” Fred Girod signaled his support for the bill while attacking Heard and Linthicum for refusing to support a bill that outlawed “ropes with loops at the end.”

Girod said “it made us look very racist by voting no or not showing up or not voting, and that became the lead story, instead of the fact that most of us agreed.”

For some reason Girod forgot to express his concern for the feelings of horse thieves.

The Senate Republican Caucus is totally fractured. Now the worst of them have decided to do more dirty work for the Democrats to not only destroy Senators who took a stand, but to thwart the will of their own party members. Ironically, and pathetically, we have received calls and emails from the old guard in the Republican Party accusing us of “dividing the party.” Clearly we could not do as good a job as they are. We fully expect that this is not the end of the blind rage of the sellouts.

To call their behavior “disgraceful” would elevate it. The bill is being fast tracked to bypass legislative deadlines and is scheduled for hearing on May 18th.

Bill sponsor Democrat Senator Rob Wagner heads the committee the bill is due to be heard in. As an avowed leftist he is doing his job which is to crush the opposing party. This is to be expected. But the actions or Findley, Hansell and Girod are, once again, inexcusable.

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Lynn Findley

Bill Hansell

Fred Girod