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We Are Very Close


The House vote on the liberty smashing, privacy invading, woman attacking SB 941 will happen any day. It could be as soon as this Wednesday.

Republicans plan to introduce alternatives (minority reports) and this might slow it down, but not by much.

We are heading into the home stretch on one of the worst anti-gun bills in the country. If 941 passes, it will make it illegal for someone to leave a firearm in your safekeeping unless they first conducted a background check on you.

Consider the implications.  Your friend or neighbor is suddenly faced with the critical need to remove a firearm from her house. Perhaps she is experiencing a mental health crisis. Maybe she suddenly finds herself having to care for someone who should not have a gun available. You’re willing to store the gun in your safe, but you are forbidden from doing so until you pass a background check which could take months !

Or, the opposite happens. Someone you know is in fear for her life and has no way to protect herself. You cannot provide a firearm to her unless she passes a check by the Oregon State Police. Because the system so often fails, for some this could be a death sentence.

Want to lend a friend a hunting rifle? Sorry that’s illegal. What if you have a firearms trust? Can those guns be transferred? No one knows.

23 counties have opposed this bill. Many sheriffs have come out in opposition. Even its sponsors and supporters admit it won’t stop crime. But the vast majority of Democrats in the legislature have chosen to ignore them, and you, to ramrod this bill through as another building block towards complete registration and confiscation.  They have continued to read from a discredited script like mindless drones.

We have little time to defeat this, so please contact the Democrats listed below. These are the people who can kill this bill. (Democrat Jeff Barker has already made it clear he will oppose this terrible bill.) The Bloomberg funded anti-gunners have pulled out all the stops with media campaigns and email blitzes.  Time to double down.

Please send the message, “SB 941 does nothing to stop criminals but endangers the law abiding, especially single women with no protection against predators.  The promoters of this bill have put a bull’s eye on the backs of the most vulnerable. Vote no on SB 941.”

Rep Brent Barton  503-986-1440

Rep Deborah Boone  503-986-1432

Rep Brian Clem  503-986-1421

Rep Betty Komp   503-986-1422

Rep Caddy McKeown  503-986-1409

Rep  Brad Witt       503- 986-1431

Please Act Now.

Val Hoyle recall campaign.

Chuck Riley, Susan McLain recall campaign.