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We Are On A Tightrope


The major victory that gun owners achieved when a state court judge declared Mz 114 unconstitutional is in jeopardy. Of course, that’s not a surprise.

Between the two lawsuits filed against the measure, one in Federal Court and one in state court in Harney County, Oregon has spent countless millions of your money to eliminate your gun rights.

The Democrats, and their Department of “Justice,” have displayed a white-hot hatred for law-abiding gun owners and blind rage fed by your tax dollars.

The far left had a temporary victory in Federal Court, where a judge openly defied the directions of the US Supreme Court. However, their efforts to render Oregonians defenseless in the face of the criminal mobs they support were dealt a serious blow when Mz 114 was struck down in state court.

But rest assured, the battle is far from over. As long as Kotek and her lackeys have unlimited access to your money, they will not stop attacking your rights and your property.

The Federal Judge’s decision that a complete ban on firearms transfers and a ban on virtually all firearm’s magazines is constitutional was absurd, of course, and it is being appealed. We have no doubt that her politically motivated orders will eventually be overturned when rational judges examine her bizarre ruling.

But as you know, that will not happen quickly. In the meantime, we need to focus our efforts on defending the victory gun owners had in state court.

Kotek and the Department of “Justice” have not only vowed to appeal this positive ruling, but they have also gone a step further and asked that the measure, which has been declared unconstitutional in every aspect, be enforced while it is being appealed!

This is normal legal practice turned on its head. It is also a sign of just how determined they are to make sure the anarchist thugs they answer to can continue to rule the streets while you and your family are stripped of your ability to defend yourselves. We absolutely cannot let them win this one.

As you know, our Foundation has been paying the costs of the Federal lawsuit. But now we have been asked to assist in the state case that was handled brilliantly and successfully by attorney Tony Aiello. While the costs of the Federal trial have been the largest we have ever had to face, we have agreed to do what we can to help fund the state effort.

The Oregon legislative session is starting soon. If the past is any indication, most of the elected Republicans will fold up and surrender. That means we are going to face a very uphill battle in Salem. The best Senators we have were sold out by their “leadership” after risking their political futures, and the Republicans in the House handed a victory to the gun grabbers when they could have won with no risk to themselves. Then they promised to file a lawsuit against the gun control bill they helped pass, and that turned out to be another bait and switch. That means that whether we like it or not, these court battles are going to be front and center in our fight for the Second Amendment and sanity.

The Harney County victory rocked the leftist elites back on their heels. They are furious, they are vengeful, and they are awash in your money. Gun owners have truly shown themselves to be David in a battle with Goliath. But our rights are hanging on the very edge right now. We absolutely must defend this critical victory. Every single dime will count. We hope we can count on you again.

Please consider whatever you can contribute to help us keep the people who hate freedom at bay.

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Thank you very much for standing up for the Second Amendment in Oregon.