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Walkout Stalls Bad Gun Bills. OFF Challenges Bad Ballot Measures.


While the brave walkout by most Republican legislators has stalled (and we hope, killed) the worst anti-gun legislation for 2020, gun owners are still facing several hate driven gun confiscation ballot measures.

Today, Oregon Firearms Federation submitted a challenge to the “certified ballot title” for IP 60.

Our challenge covered many of the flaws in the ballot title and pointed out some of the absurdities of the measure itself.

As we pointed out in our petition;

In addition to covering most semiautomatic rifles and certain semiautomatic handguns, IP 60 also includes other types of firearms within its catch-all definition of “semiautomatic assault firearms” that do not properly fit within that makeshift category. IP 60 also applies to shotguns with revolving cylinders even though they do not possess any semi-automatic functionality.”

Rest assured OFF will be doing everything in our power to put the brakes on this dangerous and ignorant ballot measure and others like it.

We are very grateful for the support you have provided to help us cover the cost of  these, and coming legal proceedings.  We are also extremely grateful for the courage of those Republicans who stood up at great personal cost to themselves to defend your liberties.

If ever there was a time to send a personal note of appreciation to legislators now is the time.

Please consider a brief “thank you” to the leaders of Oregon’s Republican House and Senate.

House Republican Leader Rep Christine Drazan:

Senate Republican Leader Herman Baertschiger Jr: