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After her defeat to fascist Brad Avakian in her run for Secretary of State, (who himself lost to a rational person, Dennis Richardson) we could well face anti-gun extremist Val Hoyle back in the legislature.

You will recall it was Hoyle who rammed through the worst gun bill in Oregon history, SB 941. She was soon rewarded with a quarter million dollar pay-off from the New York billionaire and anti-gun zealot.

Senator Chris Edwards resigned last month and now the Lane County Commissioners are voting to replace him. Hoyle is one of the proposed candidates.

We have been told all the prospective replacements are “left of Lenin” but we know that Hoyle is Bloomberg’s handmaiden and very much in his debt.

Please contact the Lane County Commissioners and tell them “ANYONE BUT HOYLE.”

This vote could happen as soon as Wednesday. Please contact the commissioners today.

The email address for all commissioners provided on their website is Individual email addresses can be found here.

They can be reached by phone at (541)-682-4203