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Things Just Got Worse


Ok, we are not going to sugar coat it. 

The situation with Ballot Measure 114 just got a whole lot worse.

While many assumed that the implementation date would be 30 days after the election was actually “certified” (given that votes were being counted long after Nov 7th) now we are being told the Secretary of State has no plans to wait and the ban of new gun sales and magazines will begin December 8th.

While this seems insane even by Oregon standards we have to assume it’s true.

As you may know, the background check system is in total collapse as people attempt to purchase firearms before the ban goes into effect. While some people have been successful tens of thousands of would-be buyers are stuck in limbo while their background checks languish.

There is no way the legislature can “fix” this since they don’t even BEGIN to meet for well over a month after the ban goes into effect. The folks who brought you this nightmare, “Lift Every Voice” are now pretending that things will be just fine. As always they are lying.

Our lawyers have been working non stop on this issue but of course this news makes the matter more urgent than ever.

We know other organizations are planning legal action as well. The more people fighting this the better.

It’s now in the hands of unelected judges. If you want to contribute to what is going to be a very expensive but crucial legal battle please consider a donation to the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation which is funding this fight in conjunction with Gun Owners of America.  You can do that here:

Be sure to pick Oregon Firearms Eductional Foundation from the Donation Category drop down menu.

Thank you.