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The Noose Is Tightening.


Michael Bloomberg’s noose is tightening around the necks of Oregon’s gun owners.


We have received the draft copy of another bill to take us one more step towards the complete ban on the private ownership of firearms. (This now has bill number HB 4147 and was introduced by Jennifer Williamson.)

Now that most private transfers of firearms are illegal, anyone attempting to buy a gun is totally at the mercy of the Oregon State Police ID unit. Without their permission, you may not exercise your “right” to acquire a firearm, even as a gift from a friend.

Virtually not a day goes by that we don’t hear from someone who has been delayed or denied without cause by the bureaucrats in the ID unit.   Until now, gun buyers at least had the safeguard of being legally allowed to take possession of the firearm after three days if they had not been officially “denied.”  Under this proposed legislation, even that safeguard will be stripped away.

Under LC 263 if the OSP choses to delay your purchase, you are simply out of luck. They may delay it forever. 

The OSP ID Unit has made it their policy to ignore or stonewall any effort to correct faulty information that leads to delays and denials. We hear from people regularly who cannot get their calls returned and thus have their rights eliminated until the ID unit gets around to investigating the delay or denial.

The ATF has suspended processing appeals by people who have been denied without cause.

If the proposed legislation becomes law there may very well be simply no way to legally acquire a firearm. And that’s the point.

As with the bill proposed by Floyd Prozanski to allow secret, false accusations to strip away your rights, this bill allows the state to simply bypass the Second Amendment.  And let’s not forget that there are times when the background check unit is simply shut down with “technical issues.”

The surge in attempted gun purchases, along with the mandate that “person to person” transfers require an OSP background check, has increased the number of transactions the OSP is processing and, along with the increase in transfer requests comes an increase in false denials.

Each of these denials requires that a State Trooper be dispatched to the gun store or show where the transfer is being attempted.  This is greatly straining already stressed police resources while still resulting in virtually no arrests of real criminals.

The legislature convenes  on February 1. We are quite sure there will be other bills attacking your rights. The Democrats in control are totally beholden to Bloomberg’s money and he intends to get his money’s worth.

Be prepared for a very difficult and dangerous short session. 

Every effort will be made to rush these bills through with as little public input as possible.  We will need everyone showing up for hearings on short notice. Rest assured, as he has done in the past, Floyd Prozanski will inform the anti-gunners well in advance of  hearing dates before the public is allowed to know.  Your participation has never been more important.

If you don’t know who your local legislators are, you can find them at this link.  Make sure they are hearing from you.