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Today, after lengthy delays due to technical issues that shut down state websites, the House Republicans folded up and provided the quorum the Democrats needed to pass House Bills 2002 and 2005.

These were the two bills that were reported to be the reason the Senate Republicans staged their walkout.

When several Republican Senators cut a deal and came back, these bills easily passed on the Senate floor. By then, of course, the most conservative Senators had enough “unexcused absences” to be victims of Measure 113 and they will not be allowed to serve as legislators again.

It was a deal only Hunter Biden could love.  The Democrats got everything they wanted, the conservative Republicans and Oregonians, got screwed.  So the same warped hypocrites who keep demanding that we “elect more Republicans” made sure that the most principled Republicans would get the boot.

They agreed to come back and hand over everything to the Democrats AFTER the best Republicans gave up their political futures. Mind boggling.

And now the House has followed suit and completed the devil’s bargain. And they never even faced losing their seats.  This level of cowardice is not even describable.

While some House Republicans did boycott the floor session, in the end it made no difference.  The curse was cast. Now Oregon gun owners face years and years in prison for making their own firearms. This is simply a disgrace.

Any Republican who tells you they voted “no” is blowing smoke.  As long as they were on the floor they may as well have voted “yes”.

To top it all off, last night Republican “leaders” held a ZOOM call with Republican precinct committee persons. In that call, in addition to lauding themselves for the great deal they made, Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp claimed there were 6 anti-gun bills and the Republicans outright killed 5 of them.  Tim must not have been looking at the schedule because shortly before the ZOOM call started the Senate Rules Committee posted notice of a public hearing and work session on HB 2572, the anti-gun “paramilitary bill.” That was held at 8am and the bill was passed to the floor where it will undoubtedly pass.(Virtually all of this hearing was not available to the public due to technical issues.)

Republican Leaders.

We thank each of you who never gave up and worked so damn hard to fight for liberty. It’s an embarrassment that most of the people who we elected have no such commitment.

The House Reps who showed up to provide quorum were:
Breese-Iverson, Cate, Conrad, Elmer, Goodwin, Helfrich, Javadi, Lewis, Mannix, McIntire, Owens, Smith G, Stout, Wallan.

The people who brought you this garbage KNEW it was unconstitutional.

We’ll have more for you in the days ahead.