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The Gathering Storm


Dear Patriot,

The storm clouds are no longer on the horizon. They are directly overhead.

Our nation’s capitol is now a locked down military installation in which American citizens may no longer travel without passing through heavily armed checkpoints.

Oregon’s Capitol is now fortified with bunker blocks and you are forbidden to enter lest you face State Police in riot gear who will most certainly not welcome you.

The violence on our streets continues unabated.

Our next legislative session is about to begin and the people are forbidden from participating.  While the ruling party has paid lip service to the fantasy that Oregon voters will still have a voice through Zoom calls and submitted testimony that will never be read, the reality is the Democrats can, and will, simply turn off anyone who they deem undesirable, even if those people are elected officials of the other party.

For all intents and purposes, Republicans in the Oregon legislature will have exactly no input into coming legislation. If you live in a district that elected a Republican House or Senate member, you and your concerns no longer exist. Period.

On a national level, the Democrats are ginning up to pass the most dangerous legislation in the history of our Republic. Not only will your gun rights become a thing of the past, the Democrats are working to essentially end America as we know it.

They want to cripple local control of elections, make ultra liberal Washington DC a state, make federal employees paid pole watchers and force you to pay for the political campaigns of candidates who have vowed to crush your liberties. And if that were not enough, they have plans to  destroy organizations like Oregon Firearms with onerous and dangerous new rules to silence us.

Also in the works will be legislation to label as “domestic terrorists” anyone engaged in political activity that the left deems “illegal.” Which clearly could be anything.

Here in Oregon we are facing a list of bills that will make good people felons for engaging in activities that have always been legal.

For example, under SB 396 you will be guilty of a felony for the simple possession of an unfinished firearm receiver. So if you have manufactured a firearm at home, using perfectly legal “80%” lowers, prepare to face felony charges. But you will also be guilty if you have a receiver you have not completed into a firearm.

Under SB 554 and SB 585 not only will the cost of obtaining a concealed handgun license double, but that license could well be useless most places you go.

Have a CHL and go near a school or airport and you will be a felon.

The Democrats have also introduced legislation to force people who have never owned slaves to pay people who never were slaves, allow the governor to seize and control your property and create a program to pay private parties to report transgressions like opening a business against Kate Brown’s rules.

Right now, for better or worse, Oregon Republicans have exactly one card to play. One.

They do not have the votes to stop legislation. They do not have the ability to influence or control legislation. They do not have the power to stand in the way of legislation. Unless they resolve to, once again, walk away from this charade.

What remains of our gun rights, and other rights, was preserved by previous Republican walk outs.   You cannot reason with the ruling party, you cannot bargain with them in good faith. They have no interest in compromise or collaboration. Total, vindictive power is all that they care about. But they need a quorum to force their dangerous mandates through. And that is the one thing the Republicans can deny them.

It is not at all clear that the Republican leadership in the Oregon legislature has the stomach for another walk out.  And who can blame them?  Walk outs are costly and nerve-racking and subject participants to arrest by the State Police who are controlled by Kate Brown.  But walking out is the only bargaining chip left.

Right now the Oregon Senate is in a state of upheaval. Senator Brian Boquist recently quit the Republican Party and is now an independent.  Republican Senator Alan Olsen has resigned and if his seat is not soon filled by Clackamas County Commissioners, Kate Brown gets to pick his replacement.

Clackamas County Chair Tootie Smith has joined with the most radical fringe of left wingers to demand the resignation of newly elected Commissioner Mark Shull, opening the door to have him replaced by a leftist which will increase the risk of the Governor picking  Senator Olsen’s replacement.

We don’t pretend to know what is going to happen. So we recommend you do two things.

First, if you have a Republican House Rep or Senator urge them to stay strong and be willing to walk out.  Remind them that the only House Rep who did NOT get reelected was fake Republican Cheri Helt, and she was the only one who abandoned Oregonians and stayed behind to collude with the Democrats. While one Republican Senator failed to get reelected a new Republican Senator took control of a formally Democrat seat.

The reality is, the people recognized and rewarded Republicans who had the courage to take a stand.

Second, if the Senate and House Republicans don’t take a stand recognize the risks we face. A felony charge for having a piece of plastic or aluminum. A felony charge for picking up a loved one at college or the airport. A mandate that your firearms be kept locked and useless. A requirement that you ask the Sheriff  for permission to simply buy a firearm and then only after time consuming and costly “training”, if the Sheriff even decides to grant you that “permission.”

Take stock of your personal situation. Do not wait to acquire any items that may soon become even harder (or more dangerous) to acquire.

We learned from the treacherous actions of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Apple how quickly people can be silenced. Things happen fast.  Any preparations you make now will serve you well no matter what happens. But given the current state of our country it would be wise to prepare for the worst.

Biden/Harris have promised to come after you. The Democrats in Oregon have done the same. Assume they are (for once) telling the truth.