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The Final Nail


Today the Oregon Legislature passed the Democrat’s redistricting bills.

These versions got no public input and have been exposed as power grabs by even left wing media outlets.

Keep in mind that the reason Republican leaders gave for refusing to stand up and protect your rights (by walking out of a legislative session that was a mortal lock to eviscerate your liberty and the safety of your family) was their supposed need to be around for redistricting.

This was, as we have pointed out, a giant side show and smokescreen for the real reason, which was to collect millions of federal handouts to spend as they wished.

Instead of taking the one action that could have protected the people who elected them, they stayed on the floor, made meaningless speeches and allowed the Democrats to pass bill after bill which will cripple Oregon. In many cases, they even voted in favor of these bills.

All along they complained that there was nothing they could do and no one should blame them because they were, in the end, powerless to do anything. Yet for some bizarre reason they kept pretending that somehow, in spite of their admitted impotence, they were going to affect redistricting.

House Republican leader Christine Drazan even claimed victory when House Speaker Kotek promised to give Republicans equal representation on redistricting committees. In exchange for that fairy tale, Drazan agreed to accelerate the passage of Democrat bills by dropping the constitutional requirement to read them on the floor.

In trade for that give away Drazan and the Republicans got… screwed.

Kotek reneged on the deal, rearranged the committees to guarantee no opposition and demonstrated, once again, that Drazan is a dupe.

Today, after many Republicans returned to the House floor to participate in a clown show with only one possible outcome, Drazan decided to strike back with a motion to censure Kotek, a motion made for the media with exactly NO chance of passing. Especially with fellow Republicans like Ron Noble and Greg Smith running for the exits so they would not have to vote.

Remember, the Republicans showed no reluctance to censure one of their own, Mike Nearman, who had the temerity to allow Oregonians into the Capitol.

This should be the final act of the most embarrassing session in Oregon history.  Our rights have been violated, our public safety front line has been attacked and neutered, our freedoms have virtually evaporated while most Republicans made speeches.

Our hats are still off to the few Republican Senators who have stood in the gap. Not an easy task with the rudderless leadership of Fred Girod.  But not one single House rep stood up.

Time to regroup.