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Recent events in the mid-east have demonstrated beyond any doubt what can happen when the people are disarmed.

Though Israel has a robust military, they have never made it easy for their citizens to have access to firearms. It’s an inexplicable policy in a country so often under attack.

While they have recently made it somewhat easier for some civilians to be armed, their policies are still absurdly complex and restrictive, and while Israel’s air defenses are sophisticated, their unarmed civilians were no match for attackers equipped  with small arms, many of whom arrived in what were essentially motor powered kites.

The number of Israelis who were killed with very unsophisticated weapons was just another reminder that Joe Biden was an idiot when he said American gun owners were no match for “F-15’s”.

What does that mean for us?  It means that policies created by left wing American politicians and bureaucrats, and in the case of Oregon, extremist groups posing as churches, can get you killed.

The gruesome reality is that the Democrat’s open border policy has allowed millions of unvetted foreigners into the country with virtually no accountability. It is not likely that foreign terrorists have crossed our border in large numbers. It’s a sure thing.

An untold number of military aged males from across the world are here, in our cities and small towns, thanks to the Democrat’s determination to undermine American sovereignty.  And you can rest assured that many of them are here to kill Americans.

Meanwhile gun owners are fighting on multiple fronts to protect our rights under the Second Amendment while partisan judges and political hacks do all they can to disarm us.  It’s insane.

As you know, a judge in California recently found California’s ban on standard magazines to be unconstitutional. This was good news for gun owners and Oregonians in particular as we are fighting a similar ban here.

But with lightning speed a panel of judges from the Ninth Circuit put a stay on that judge’s decision and allowed the extremists who control California to continue to deny their residents the ability to defend themselves.

In a lawsuit against Ballot Measure 114, brought in State Court by Gun Owners of America, a state judge put a hold on this dangerous and unconstitutional measure.  Recently a trial was held on the matter and we are now awaiting a decision by the judge.  It’s a good bet he will find the measure unconstitutional, but if he does, the state will appeal immediately and we are not optimistic about the what will happen in the Oregon Appeals Court, where one of their Judges, Jim Egan, has already called gun owners racist, anti-semitic, white supremacists.

What happens next in that case is anyone’s guess, but in the end we have no doubt the matter will wind up in the Ninth Circuit where OFF and other pro-constitution organizations are appealing the decision of Judge Karin Immergut, who declared that it was perfectly constitutional to have a law that ended all firearm’s sales and was impossible to comply with.

It’s hard to imagine a time when Americans have been in greater danger from outside forces and our own elected and appointed officials. It’s hard to imagine a time when our country was more dangerously divided against itself.  But these are the times we face.

It is essential that responsible Americans have the ability and the tools they need to protect themselves.  Because, especially in Oregon, we not only face the constant threat of attacks by criminals who have no fear of arrest or prosecution, but of foreign invaders who have, for all intents and purposes, been invited into our country.

So take whatever steps you can to be prepared for deadly encounters.  But also be prepared to demand that the Oregon Republicans stop playing games and start promoting candidates that will actually fight for you instead of rolling over and making deals with the people who are determined to destroy our freedoms.

For too long  the party has allowed unprincipled frauds to get elected because caucus “leaders” wanted candidates they could control. That has to stop. The damage done to our rights by the “leaders” of the Senate and House Republican caucuses has been incalculable. The House caved and let terrible legislation pass when they could have stopped it at no risk. The Senate rolled over AFTER some of their best members became ineligible to run again and the Democrats had nothing left to use against them. It was a planned surrender.  And of course, the lawsuit that was promised by the House Republicans against the Democrat’s ban on privately made firearms has evaporated like all politician’s promises.

America has never been weaker. We have never had people in charge who are actively working for those who want to destroy our country and our way of life.  We cannot allow ourselves to be disarmed.

As the election cycle heats up please stay involved and engaged.  Please insist on real candidates with real courage and not the same old cowardly retreads whose only goal is to make a deal to keep their jobs.  We cannot afford it.

Current events have put us all in danger. We will be doing all we can to identify candidates who stand for principle. It’s never been more important.