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The Attacks Have Begun. Time To Fight.

The Attacks Have Begun. Time To Fight.


The Oregon Democrats are wasting no time starting their assault on your safety.

As you know, the Democrats have locked you out of your building, and in spite of their deceitful lip service to the contrary, effectively silenced your voice in the Capitol.

We need you to take action. You can do so here:

All reports indicate that the first order of business will be Senate Bill 554.

SB 554 will effectively end concealed handgun licenses while ironically doubling their cost.

Under SB 554, any public building, and the property near it, can (and will) become a no-go zone for CHL holders while lawfully armed. (“Lawfully armed” soon to become an oxymoron.)

The definition of “public building” will be greatly expanded to include airports, any building owned or “controlled” by any city, county or metropolitan service district, any property owned by a college or university and any property near those buildings!

The penalty for being on or near any of these locations will be 5 years in prison and a $125,000.00 fine.

A CHL holder traveling from their home in Hillsboro to the Portland airport to pick up a family member will have committed countless felonies before they even get to the airport.

Under ORS 166.250 it is already technically illegal to go to the airport with a firearm in a locked case that you are intending to travel with if you do not have a CHL.  However, in spite of the lunacy of that statute, people have not been prosecuted when declaring firearms at the airport.

Under SB 554, airports will have the power to  ban even CHL holders, further exposing gun owners to arbitrary prosecutions.

In short, if the Democrats succeed in passing this as the first of many attacks on your rights, a concealed handgun license will become both more expensive and worthless at the same time.

It is telling that the Democrats are attempting to force through this horrendous attack on your rights and common sense at the same time they are ignoring the spike in criminal violence on our city’s streets and applauding the rioting and looting by their Marxist supporters.

Under this scheme, not only will you be subject to prosecution for defending yourself and your loved ones, you’ll be subject to 5 years in prison for simply having the means to defend yourself!

It’s no accident that the Democrats are determined to render you helpless while the thugs who back them are bringing chaos to our streets.

Right now the Democrats have the power to pass ANYTHING they want to pass. That is simple math, and in the current blood thirsty environment in which we live, anyone who has not sworn allegiance to the far left is a target. Make no mistake, Oregon Democrats intend to impose their will on you as swiftly and harshly as they can.

Anti-rights extremist Floyd Prozanski has already announced an early hearing and work session for SB 554. He has been delayed by Senate President Peter Courtney so that the ruling party can move less contentious bills with little opposition and then get to gutting your rights with SB 554. (Just to start.)

For years, your activism has stalled Prozanski and his fellow travelers from imposing much of their hateful agenda. So you can rest assured, embittered by years of defeats, he will stop at nothing to crush your rights.

The outnumbered Republicans have one hand to play. A refusal to go along with this charade.  Like you, Republican legislators have been shut out of the process. They have no means to affect legislation. They have, for all intents and purposes, been silenced.  But, they have demonstrated the ability to stop the onslaught of freedom destroying legislation by refusing to participate.

If the Republicans don’t show up, the show cannot go on. Period.

So there are limited options.

1) The Republicans can do nothing and be steamrolled while your rights and property are stolen.

2) They can extract a guarantee that bad, freedom crushing bills are not heard or they will leave.

3) They can walk out.

We well know the cost to Republicans of options 1 and 3. Walkouts are dangerous, subjecting Republicans to arrest at the hands of Kate Brown’s Oregon State Police.

Democrat leadership has threatened fines and other penalties against anyone daring to take a stand. Anyone who walks will have to leave the state or be prepared for a potentially violent confrontation with law enforcement.  It’s not pretty.

Furthermore, it’s safe to say that currently the Republicans are NOT unified in a desire to confront the leftists. Republican Senator Tim Knopp has repeatedly refused to stand up for Oregonians in the past staying behind to help the Democrats push their attempts at draconian gun restrictions.

Some new legislators have not yet been faced with taking this kind of tough stand, and right now, former Senator Alan Olsen’s seat is open and will be filled by Clackamas County commissioners.

The Chair of the County Clackamas County Commission, Tootie Smith, has demonstrated that she is far more interested in protecting herself than standing up for principle and so her vote cannot be counted on. This means that she may very well vote to appoint someone who will NOT join any walk out.

But, the fact is, that as jeopardous and costly as a walk out would be, the alternative is the beginning of the end for gun rights in the state. It is really quite that simple.

Unless Republican Leaders can extract a written, ironclad guarantee that the many bills the Democrats have introduced to destroy your liberty are not heard, their only option is to leave.

This is not a conclusion we came to ourselves. Our conversations with the strongest members of the Republican Caucus have confirmed this position.

So please take a moment to contact the Oregon Republicans and remind them that as difficult as walking out will be, staying behind guarantees the complete defeat of their avowed principles.

It is truly now or never.

Take action here.