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STOP 114!


Ballot Measure 114.

As you know IP 17 is now Ballot Measure 114. It has been approved for the November election.

The measure essentially ends the sale of all firearms in Oregon for the foreseeable future and bans the sales of most shotguns and all standard capacity magazines forever.

Possession of those items outside your home will be a criminal offense. If you are caught in possession of a standard capacity magazine INSIDE your home you will be required to prove that you had it before the law went into effect.  There will be no presumption of innocence.

You could be charged multiple times for possession of the same magazine.

You will need a “permit” to buy any firearm which will require a class that may only be taught by police, which virtually no police agency will be able to provide, and all your private information will be in a published database.

The “permit” this measure requires does not even allow you to purchase a firearm. It includes an Oregon State Police background check that has no time limits and permits any kind of investigation police agencies choose to dream up.  If you can somehow actually get a permit, it only allows you to attempt to make a purchase with another mandated background check that can take literally forever.

While clearly unconstitutional, if it passes, virtually all gun stores will have no ability to actually sell any firearms until the unfunded permitting system is created. Many police agencies have said they see no way to comply with it.

We have created a PAC specifically to fight this extreme and dangerous measure.  Please visit and share the Stop 114 website for details on the measure and a downloadable fact sheet you can share with you family, friends, and local gun dealers.