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“Special Session” Coming. Drazan Steps Down.


We have good news and bad news.

First the bad news.

As you may have heard, Kate Brown is convening a “special session” starting Dec 13th. Just in time to do even more damage to your holiday.

It does not sound like Senate President Courtney is thrilled by the idea.

The announced reason for the session is to deal with more support for renters who cannot pay their rent.

As usual, Oregon’s program to “help” people was a miserable failure so now Brown wants the legislature to return to enact more costly, government “solutions”.

It comes as no surprise that there appears to be no interest in helping property owners who have not been receiving rent payments.

“For more than 18 months, thousands of housing providers across Oregon have gone without income,” Imse said. “The state needs to uphold their end of the deal and cut the checks to Oregonians in need.”

Of course, as we have learned, nothing prevents “special sessions” from drifting far from their stated purpose and anything can happen when the politicians are back creating chaos.

Having seen the vicious and bigoted comments made by many Democrat legislators after the Rittenhouse acquittal, we have to be prepared for more efforts by the left to attack self defense rights. What better time than when Oregonians are attempting to overcome supply chain failures and the threat of flash mob looting to get in some Christmas shopping?

So be prepared.  The people who work to steal your rights, and their cowardly Republican enablers, don’t rest.  Please don’t assume the politicians will stick to the advertised excuse for more legislative mayhem.

And now the good news.

House Republican “leader” Christine Drazan is stepping down from her role as the most inept and bumbling House Leader in Oregon history so she can concentrate on her bizarre run for governor!

Drazan sold out gun owners and all Oregonians by greasing the skids for the far left’s assault on gun rights, self defense, traditional values and common sense. Not only did she enable the Democrats mad dash to collapse by refusing to stand in the way, she actually voted for many of their worst ideas.

Only the absurdly incompetent Fred Girod, the now replaced Senate Republican “leader,” demonstrated an equal ability to screw up everything he touched.

Drazan has been replaced by Vikki Breese-Iverson.

Iverson joined all other House Republicans in forcing out the only Republican House member with any integrity, Mike Nearman.  We hope she “grows in office.”

But for now we are grateful for Drazan’s stepping down and her eventual complete departure from the legislature.  Based on her past performance and how easily she was smacked around by House Speaker Tina Kotek, we are not currently too fearful that she will be governor any time soon.