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Sheriffs Start Stepping Up



  Your efforts are paying off!  In addition to Sheriff Glenn Palmer of Grant County, who expressed vocal opposition to the Democrats’ Bloomberg-funded gun owner registration bill, yesterday two more Oregon sheriffs went on record opposing this dangers step towards gun confiscation.

Sheriff Pat Garrett of Washington County sent out an email to gun owners who asked him to take a stand and said:


  1. I am concerned criminals will get around the new law by accessing firearms another way.  For more than a few criminals, the threat of a misdemeanor criminal charge will not be a significant deterrent.
  2. The law will be onerous for law abiding citizens with layers of new requirements.  Many Oregonians are serious sport shooters, hunters and collectors.  Frequently and with great care, they buy, sell and trade firearms with each other.  I am concerned this law could create crimes and criminals out of otherwise law abiding people.  Also, it’s unclear what priority prosecutors and stressed court systems will place on charging people who up to this time were crime-free except for an unauthorized gun transfer under this new law.
  3. I am concerned that much of this law will be unenforceable.  It’s unclear how law enforcement will learn of unauthorized transfers, and in many cases it will be very challenging to disprove a claim that a transfer was temporary in nature and therefore authorized.  Laws that are largely unenforceable diminish respect for the law in general, which we do not need in today’s environment.
  4. I am concerned how the State plans to account for the fiscal impact and increased pressure on the current background check system.  The State’s background system is already heavily burdened, and additional requests could significantly slow the system further, unless additional funds are provided to bolster capacity.

And now Sheriff Bruce Riley of Linn County, has posted on his Facebook page the following :

“As Sheriff of Linn County I am frequently asked by citizens my opinion on proposed legislation. There are many bills before the Oregon State Legislature this year that in my opinion, are cause for concern. One of these bills is SB 941 which calls for background checks on the private party transaction of firearms.

While this bill may look good on the surface, don’t be fooled; It does nothing to make our families, communities, schools or businesses safer. Adding additional requirements and unnecessary laws for law abiding citizens is a waste of time and resources; time and resources that could be better spent on stiffening our current laws that deal with crimes committed with guns and the mental health issues that currently face our community every day.

As your Sheriff, I am committed to keeping guns away from criminals. I am equally committed in allowing law abiding citizens the right to possess firearms without further infringement.”

 No matter what happens when this bill is voted on in the Senate Committee, there is still a way to go before this bill can become law, so our fight will continue. If your sheriff has not taken a stand, there is still time to tell him you expect him to. You can find contact info for all sheriffs here.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to this cause.