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Republicans…stand up, or shut up.

Republicans…stand up, or go home.




Our inboxes are overflowing with emails from Republican Legislators asking for money and votes in the coming elections.

With no records to stand on, some are making absurd claims about their “courage” or taking “credit” for Democrat bills.

It’s officially a circus, and the clowns have center stage. But Oregon simply cannot survive another disastrous session like the last one.

In 2021, under the horribly failed control of  Senator Fred Girod and House Rep Christine Drazan, the Republicans surrendered every single battle to the Democrats with barely a whimper.

Now, Drazan, running for Governor, is actually, and hilariously, campaigning on how “tough” she is, and claiming she’s a “fighter” who stood up to House Speaker Tina Kotek.  Apparently Drazan’s definition of “standing up” is when you roll over and vote for your opponent’s bills,  and then claim some kind of demented victory because those dangerous bills passed.

Now, as you know, Drazan has stepped down from her House seat so she can devote full time to raising money for her governor’s race. We are thankful she is no longer turning the House Republicans into doormats, but the danger is far from passed.

Last session, under Drazan, the House Republicans capitulated and allowed the passage of rules in the House that prohibited them from walking out. We continue to be horrified that they would willingly give up the only tool they had. But now, in a surreal twist, Drazan is bragging about having walked out in the previous session, a tactic that worked and one she and the other House Republican abandoned in 2021 in exchange for $2,000,000.00 each from the feds.

If they agree to cripple themselves again in the coming February session there is not a single reason any of them should show up for work. They will, once again, get flattened by the Democrats. And the Democrats have made no secret of their plans for this session. It ain’t pretty.

So, once again, it’s up to us.

The new Republican House Leader is Vicki Breese Iverson.  [ ]

Iverson must not agree to any rules that prevent the minority from exercising their constitutional right to deny a quorum.

That means that if the rules they vote on at the beginning of the session contain that provision (which we fully expect they will) the Republicans must walk out on that vote. Period. Anything else is a complete surrender to the extreme agendas of the left.

Please contact Iverson and let her know that we expect a change of direction along with the change of leadership. Oregon simply cannot afford a replay of 2021.

Please consider sending an email to Iverson and strongly urge her to walk out on any vote for rules that include a prohibition on a walk out.


Proposed bills have started appearing on the legislative website. Time is of the essence.

Iverson’s email is:
You can also use this link to send a pre-written message to Iverson.

Note, this is the first time we are using this system. It does require that you list your home address. This is to make sure the system is not hijacked by bots and anti-gunners.

If you prefer not to provide that info, please use Iverson’s direct email address to send your own note.

Thank you for your activism.