As you well know, Eric Holder (whom we warned you about in 2009) and the Obama administration have been shipping vast quantities of illegally purchased firearms to drug cartels in Mexico; this in addition to all the firearms we ship to their police and military, which also wind up in the hands of the drug cartels.

At least one American Border Patrol agent was murdered with one of these guns, along with countless Mexicans who are clearly considered collateral damage by the agencies and officials behind these unlawful transfers.

Of course, the more American guns that turn up in the hands of the murderous drug lords, the greater the call for more gun control on American citizens. A perfect plan, had not a few horrified and honest ATF agents let the world know about this deadly scheme.

To no one’s surprise, Holder has been caught lying about his knowledge of this case repeatedly. We will go way out on a limb here and say his is not likely to be the head that rolls.

So, in response to an administration that sues American states who are being hammered by the drug cartels, while simultaneously arming those drug cartels, we are announcing our effort to place in the hands of a good American, one of the rifles that Obama would like to see only available to drug criminals.  And here it is:


This rifle was generously donated to OFF by MK Tactical of Hillsboro and the Black Rifle Company of Clackamas, Oregon.  The scope was a gift of Hi-Lux Optics and the beautiful finish was provided by Sur-Tac Gear of Troutdale. It is an exquisite piece of work. This rifle will be raffled off on July 4, 2012 and tickets are only $10.00. A mere 500 tickets will be sold.

Tickets will be available at the gun shows where OFF will have a table. You can see a list of those shows as well as other Oregon gun shows here.

You can also purchase tickets anytime after December 19 at MK Tactical, where the rifle will be on display when it is not traveling to gun shows.

We are very grateful for the extreme generosity of the companies that support our efforts and uted to this wonderful firearm. We encourage you to patronize them and we encourage you to stop by our table at the listed gun shows or visit MK Tactical and pick up a ticket for a chance to win this beautiful gun and send a message to Obama and his henchmen about where you stand on the Second Amendment.