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Meet The New Boss…



Meet the new boss…

Same as the old boss…


Tim Knopp’s Facebook Page


The Senate Republicans, proving once again that while genius has its limits, stupidity and cowardice are boundless, have replaced their “leader” with someone who is arguably worse than Fred Girod who stepped down “for health reasons.”

And because he already got his 4 million bucks.

While most would find that impossible to imagine, it’s true.

Girod, who sold out all Oregonians but especially Oregon’s gun owners has been replaced by Tim Knopp, who not only joined Girod in his disgraceful collaboration with the far left Democrats, but who actually has a longer history of doing so.

In previous sessions, under real leadership, the Senate Republicans walked out denying the left some of their most sought after and destructive policy victories.  Except for Tim Knopp who stayed behind in an effort to provide the Democrats the quorum they needed to ram through their agenda.

At the time, Knopp, laughably contended that he had been “asked” to stay behind to “monitor” the Democrats.  That was complete crap of course, but sadly a fair number of people believed him.

Needless to say, this past session Knopp was part of the cabal of cowardly Republicans who stayed on the floor to ensure that the Democrats could pass their endless attacks on our rights, including SB 554, the crown jewel of gun control.

We can’t actually say this will make things worse. Once you’ve hit bottom all you can do is stay there.