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Maybe The Most Dangerous Bill Ever


We have received a preliminary copy of one of the most dangerous pieces of anti-gun legislation we have ever seen.

While the concept was first floated by Ginny Burdick, there may be other legislators behind it.

This bill eviscerates due process and turns Oregon into a Soviet style collection of secret snitches!

Basically if someone makes a claim that you are, in their opinion,  experiencing a “mental health emergency” you lose your right to buy a firearm!

Included in the list of people who can make that accusation against you are such mental health “experts” as a college history professor, your boss, or an aunt you have not seen in 20 years!

Once the accusation has been made, it’s your problem to get your rights restored!

You are not even allowed to know who made the accusation and you are not informed that your rights have been taken away unless you attempt a firearms purchase! You are not allowed to know how long the “hold” on your rights is!

The person who made the accusation is immune from any liability for making the accusation that takes away your rights.

People will be able to make fabricated accusations against you online!

We cannot stress enough how dangerous this proposed bill is.

We have no doubts this will not be the only attack on your privacy and liberty. Governor Kate Brown and leftist legislators have already stated they want more gun control passed in the short 2016 session.  If the past is any indication, efforts will be made to ram this bill through with as little discussion as possible.

Your rights are in the cross hairs. If this bill becomes law, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Just imagine a woman whose dangerous husband has threatened to kill her. She wants to buy a gun for protection, but a “family member” ( the husband?) makes an anonymous accusation, online, that she is experiencing a “mental health emergency” and now her rights are gone! Not only will she be unable to protect herself, she will have to jump through impossible hoops to “prove” she is not mentally ill!

We have run into some downright evil legislation before, but this is beyond anything we have ever seen.  Have a doctor who does not like guns? Your rights are gone.  Have a boss who’s mad at you? Your rights are gone. Have a crazy cousin who thinks no one should have a gun? Your rights are gone. Of course, this bill has an “emergency clause” to make sure the people of Oregon cannot stop it at the ballot box!

We will have more on this bill if it moves through the legislature, but we wanted you to know that the battle is on even before the session has started.  We are going to need all the help we can get for what promises to be a very ugly 2016. Please consider any contribution you can afford to help us reach as many people as possible. Any one of us can become a victim of this kind of outrage. You can help OFF here.