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Let’s Turn The Tables.


Tomorrow, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on SB 554, a bill to strip law abiding citizens of their rights to self defense virtually anywhere.

If the bill passes out of committee as expected, we will have to do all we can to fight it on the floor of the Senate, and tomorrow we’ll provide you with an update on that battle.

Right now however, I’d like to ask you to help our friends in Yamhill County where tomorrow they will be considering a Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance to protect not only residents of Yamhill, but anyone who visits there.

Fashioned after successful ordinances in other counties, their SASO simply says that the county will not spend money or police manpower arresting law abiding gun owners whose only crime is being the target of leftists in Portland.

Would you please send a short note of support for the Yamhill County SASO to the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners?

You can email them directly here, or use the FREEROOTS tool we have created to send a pre-written message.

One by one we hope to see the counties stand up to the tyranny coming from Salem and your brief note can help.

Thank you.