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Klamath County Passes..Coos Punts..


Yesterday, the Klamath County Board of Commissioners passed another in a growing number of pro-rights resolutions by counties across the state.

While the Portland dominated legislature continues to insist that the overwhelming number of Oregonians want to see the failed “background check” system expanded to transfers between friends and family members, it’s becoming increasingly clear that’s a fantasy.

Klamath Commissioner Tom Mallams said :

“I think our state legislature is very likely to be 100 percent out of control this year”   and  “If our state legislature passes a state law that I feel is unconstitutional, I think we as a commission need to take the lead and say we aren’t going to follow it.”

Now that, my friends, is a person who understands his oath.

While the other commissioners, Kelley Morris and Jim Bellet, were far less committed, they did agree to a resolution that was not as strongly worded as the one Mallams wanted.

Particularly reassuring was the presence of  Sheriff Frank Skrah and his uncompromising stand on protecting the Second Amendment. Said Skrah  “People have the right to bear arms, and I will not abridge that right to bear arms. Ever. I’ll say it again: ever.”

We need more sheriffs with that commitment.

Yesterday Coos County also discussed a pro-gun resolution but deferred action. The commission there needs to hear from you.

Reports are that the sheriff there, Craig Zanni also spoke up in favor of your rights. He is to be commended.

Keep in mind, all these actions by county commissions are the result of your action. Please keep it up if your county has not gotten on board.

We have an uphill battle, but we always have, and because of the commitment and passion of those who cherish their rights we will continue to win.

For some inspiration, watch this video.