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It Can’t Happen Here


By now most people have heard of the insane actions of the governor of New Mexico who single handedly canceled the constitution there.

Her actions were illegal, unconstitutional, and demented. None of that is debatable. It is simply fact.

But her actions were also perfectly in line with the goals of today’s Democrats. 

Encourage violent criminal acts and then do all you can to assure that good people will be victims with no way to fight back. 

Give all thugs a get-out-of-jail-free card and imprison anyone whose politics you disagree with.

This is not coming. It’s happening now.

We warned you when Biden took power to make preparations for the worst. The worst is here.

The New Mexico Governor knew there would be immediate legal action against her deranged mandate and made it clear she did not care.  It’s impossible to know if any of those legal actions can be resolved during the duration of her suspension of civil rights, but it does not matter.

The leftists in blue states saw how easy it was to eliminate liberty and control the masses during the covid lockdowns. 

You need to keep your business open to feed your family? Tough. You’re closed.

Your little children had panic attacks and trouble breathing because of forced masking? Shut up and do as you’re told. 

Don’t want to take an untested drug for a sickness you do not have? You’re fired.

The left has no fear of repercussions because they control most courts.  Many lower courts feel no need to obey the clear dictates of the Supreme Court. We are in a state of near judicial anarchy.

1984 arrived late but with a vengeance.

The election of Donald Trump changed the world forever.  The destructive polices of the left which had been grinding through every arena in our lives went into hyper drive.

Liberties evaporated, inflation throttled our economy, and prison with no trial became the reality in the brave new world.  The Biden regime’s war on gun owners is in high gear. It’s open season on FFL’s and anyone who questions a school board policy that endangers their children. Catholics are now the targets of the weaponized federal “law enforcement” agencies whose only job is to protect the Biden crime family and intimidate anyone with traditional values.

The speed at which this is happening is surreal and disorientating. But one only has to read Solzhenitsyn to be reminded of how quickly a society can be crushed while people convince themselves it will only happen to someone else.

And here in Oregon, the people we elected to stand up to this madness have caved. The best and most committed Republican Senators have been torpedoed by their own “leader” who declared a surrender when his team was in complete control.  The Republican House refused to stand up even when they risked nothing. But some of them continue to send out absurd fund raisers hawking garbage swag that “we can’t guarantee will be restocked.

Some of their members have repeatedly stated that if the Democrats just knew how nice they were, everything would be ok, and they would continue to work to prove they were not the “haters” the left has accused them of being. It’s complete insanity. The “lawsuit” they promised to battle HB 2005 has been relegated to the memory hole. And soon, the right’s destroying Measure 114 will face a trial in Harney County.

As you know, a Federal judge in Portland ignored the clear direction of the US Supreme Court and decided that Measure 114 was constitutional using reasoning she was forbidden to use.  And now, as we warned over and over, even the Oregon Sheriff’s Association has publicly stated that the measure forbids them from issuing the permits it requires. Permits that would be impossible to get anyway. The Sheriff’s Association also noted that almost all firearm magazines will become contraband under the measure. Not just those that hold more than 10 rounds and not just those you remove from your home.

Oddly, even though their own lawyers have stated plainly that sheriffs may not lawfully issue permits, the Sheriff’s Association, as of the time of this writing, is still selling a class online to get a “permit” they cannot issue.

While we believed we were likely to get a favorable outcome in the coming state trial, recent comments by the judge there have us less optimistic.

Recently the judge in that case said “he will consider only whether Oregon’s gun control Measure 114 is lawful as written under the state constitution and not how it might be put into practice in the future.”

While no one can predict what a court will rule, this is the very reasoning used by the Federal Judge to bypass the Constitution and declare 114 legal. Now it’s true that this report comes from Max Bernstein of the “Oregonian” who is a Xerox machine for leftist causes and rarely reports anything accurately.  But if this is true we have reason to be concerned.

It is the application of the law that is the problem, and by taking the position that they won’t consider how it will be applied, the courts are ignoring reality and setting us up for genuine chaos.

Even if the Harney County Judge agrees that 114 is blatantly unlawful, the Oregon Appeals Court is likely to reverse that decision.  While we cannot predict what would happen after that, we think it’s wise to consider the wave of lawlessness that is sweeping our country. Due process is now a giant gamble. The left has no fear and no interest in obeying the oaths they took. You may be lucky enough to live in a county with a Sheriff that will stand up for your rights, but the state is controlled by those determined to eliminate them.

However, a recent ruling by the 9th Circuit Appeals Court has given us reason to believe that we will ultimately prevail in our efforts against Mz 114. In that case the court stated “The panel held that the district court abused its discretion by applying an incorrect legal standard to deny Appellants’ motion for a preliminary injunction”

In fact, the Judge in our Federal case committed all the same abuses that the 9th reversed in this case.  That is a very good sign for us. But none of these cases are concluded quickly and this one has been working its way through the courts for years.

We will soon be in the middle of the next step in this battle. The state trial is due to begin September 18th.  While we will remain hopeful that the judge will do the right thing, it would be wise to be as prepared as possible if he does not.