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Here We Go Again


“If we don’t talk about guns and abortion, we can have a really good session,” House Republican Leader Jeff Helfrich of Hood River told the Salem City Club last week.”

Any chance of that happening is now over as Republicans and Democrats have come together, once more, to attack gun rights.

Independent Brian Boquist, and Republicans Court Boice, Charlie Conrad, and Anna Scharf have joined 10 Democrats to sponsor HB 4096.

While cynically claiming that this session the Republicans are going to “protect Second Amendment rights,” something they sure didn’t do in recent sessions, (Senate Republicans place great importance on protecting the constitutional rights of Oregonians whether it be the 2nd Amendment or the Kicker.) it did not take long for Republicans to join with some of the loudest voices against gun ownership to promote the Democrat’s agenda.

The Act allows FFLs to enter into agreements to hold guns for safety.”

The bill also directs the Oregon Health Authority to “develop, publish and distribute a pamphlet on firearm suicide prevention and the use of firearm hold agreements as defined in section 1 of this 2024 Act as a means of reducing firearm suicide risk.”

The bill makes no mention of any kind of suicide other than those committed with firearms. In fact, it does not even acknowledge that there is any other way to commit suicide, it just reinforces the left’s message that guns are bad and directs the OHA to normalize and promote that message.

The Oregon Health Authority, like all Oregon agencies is a bloated, dishonest, budget eating monster that serves as the propaganda arm for the Democrat Party. That Republicans would choose them to create any information related to gun ownership is startling in its complete lack of awareness.

Under this bill a person who is presumably experiencing a mental health crisis could enter into a “agreement” with a gun dealer to hold his firearms for “an agreed-upon period of time.” And while it gives lip service to legal immunity to gun dealers who return guns to people who have tacitly signaled they are possibly suicidal, in fact it opens the door to endless liability and lawsuits.

The immunity to legal liability does not apply:  (A) If the licensee returns the firearm to a person the licensee knows, or reasonably should know, is a danger to self or others.

You can bet that Oregon’s trial lawyers will see a goldmine in that carve out. After all, if someone drops off their guns because they think they are suicidal, what dealer has the qualifications to determine they are not?

If the Oregon Legislature truly wanted to create a system where a person in crisis could leave their firearms in safe harbor, they could repeal the senseless and dangerous law that makes it nearly impossible and legally dangerous to leave firearms with a trusted friend or family member. Instead they are creating a whole new bureaucracy wrapped in red tape that puts gun dealers in jeopardy and exposes gun owners to embarrassment and humiliation at the worst possible time.

Don’t forget, the Democrats who are controlling Salem want nothing more that to shut down every FFL in Oregon. That is why they are spending millions of your tax dollars to protect Mz 114 against our lawsuits. But beyond that, the bill ignores and refuses to address the legal mess it will create for people who want to get their guns back.

Since these guns are not being repaired, there will not be the background check exemption for gunsmithing. Given the Oregon State Police’s horrendous record completing background checks, and given our current governor’s unbridled hatred for gun owners, what directives do you think OSP will get about approving checks for people who have already implied they are suicidal?

The Oregon Democrats are determined to end gun ownership in the state. The Oregon Democrats determine the agenda. The Oregon Democrats have complete control over this bill and any amendments and added restrictions they can imagine. Boquist and the Republicans are living in a fantasy world if they think this bill is anything less than another back door attack on gun rights. Especially when a real fix is so simple. 

Last session, after the most conservative Senators sacrificed their political futures to stop the left’s endless assault on liberty, Republican “leadership” sold them out and helped pass the Democrat’s agenda. Now Boquist, Conrad, Boice and Scharf seem ready to help them again.  Let them know that 4096 is a Democrat tool and to stop helping the other side. Boquist and Conrad both have a history of promoting anti-gun legislation. Scharf and Boice should know better.



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