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The Senate Judiciary Committee has released its latest version of legislation to render your self defense firearms worthless.

Tomorrow at 2PM they will have an “informational hearing” to discuss “Legislative Concept 38.” It is a mash-up of several previous attempts and appears to include the worst provisions of all of them.

This is the latest effort to require you to lock up your firearms and only transfer them with locks engaged. You will be liable, for two years, for anything that happens with a firearm that wasn’t locked. The assumption of course, being, that if you sell, give away, or trade a firearm the recipient won’t be able to remove the lock for two years.

Once again, the Oregon Health Authority will decide if a lock is good enough to comply with the latest restrictions. (This is because of the OHA’s proven expertise in lock construction.)

At this time only those opposed to civil rights will be allowed to testify. Supporters of gun rights are currently being silenced. You may still attend the hearing tomorrow at 2PM in Hearing Room F, but in keeping with Democrat policy you may not testify.  However, nothing prevents you (yet) from submitting written testimony here:

The draft, as it exists now, regulates the circumstances under which you may transfer a firearm to a minor. However Section 6 (1)(b) strictly forbids possession of a firearm by a minor unless they are being supervised by an adult. So if your 17 year old daughter is alone out on your ranch, well tough luck.

Another “legislative concept” to watch is “LC 193” which will be presented in the Joint Transportation Committee today at 2PM.  The draft’s “relating clause” says “Relating To Transportation” but section 2 of the draft creates new restrictions for CHL holders at the Portland Airport. We’ll be keeping an eye on that one as well.