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Gun Lock Down Bill Scheduled


Oregon Gun Owner


As expected, the Democrats in Salem are wasting no time trying to ram through their anti-gun agenda.

HB 4005, mandatory gun lock ups, is now scheduled for Feb 7th at 1pm in Hearing Room E at the State Capitol by the House Judiciary Committee.

(Of course everything is subject to change.)

This bill not only forces you to lock up your self defense firearms, it punishes you even if you DO lock up firearms. While it penalizes gun owners if their firearms are stolen, it does nothing to penalize gun thieves.

The bill makes you strictly liable for misuse of guns that were stolen from you!

It requires that you use dangerous and easily defeated “trigger” or “cable” locks that violate every rule of gun safety but mandates that you  be prosecuted if you use them and a thief can defeat them, which of course any thief can.

The bill also virtually eliminates minor’s use of firearms even to protect themselves and their families in their own homes. Under this bill, a 17 year old with years of shooting experience would not be allowed to have access to a self defense firearm. Imagine how this will effect families in remote areas.

Needless to say this bill will have a devastating effect on youth shooting programs.

The bill requires (for no discernible reason) that firearms that are lawfully transferred (through gun dealers) are locked up during transfer and makes the transferor liable for two years for misuse of a legally transferred firearm if it was not locked. This assumes that for some reason the person to whom you lawfully transferred a firearm, with a background check, will not remove the required lock…for two years!

None of the components of this bill make anyone safer. In fact, these rules can easily get people killed in the event of a criminal attack.

Please use this form to contact the Oregon House members and demand that they vote this bill down in committee. You may alter the subject line and add your own message if you choose. (Not required.)

You can email testimony against this bill to the House Judiciary Committee here:

The day before this bill is scheduled, February 6th, gun owners are encouraged to join our friends from Timber Unity on the Capitol Steps at 9am to stand up for liberty. Oregon Firearms Federation has been invited and we hope to see you there.