Floyd Prozanski
Floyd Prozanski

Three bills of interest to gun owners have passed Oregon’s House with wide margins. Now, through the magic of “creative legislating”, they languish in the Senate Judiciary Committee because the Chair of that Committee, Senator Floyd Prozanski, wants to subvert them into anti-gun bills.

The three bills are HB 2787, HB 2792 and HB 2797.

2787 simply protects the personal, sensitive data of concealed handgun license holders and applicants.

2792 extends recognition to persons who have concealed handgun licenses from other states.

2979 does nothing more than correct a legislative screw-up from last session which left Oregon motorcycle riders with no clear, lawful way to transport a handgun on a motorcycle.

Even though all these bills enjoyed broad, bipartisan support in the House, Prozanski has refused to act on them except to hold circus-like hearings where he combined these bills with three “concepts” he wanted to “discuss”; Guns in schools, felons’ gun right restoration and “mental health issues.”

Two of these concepts, the felons’ rights restoration and the “mental health issues” were never explained in any more detail than that. No one was given any information, suggested bill language or, in fact, any clue what Prozanski was talking about. Yet those who came to testify were expected to discuss these issues.

The “guns in schools” matter was different.

For years, Senator Ginny Burdick has crusaded to ban license holders from schools, and in fact, anywhere school children congregated. She has failed over and over, probably because neither she nor her cohorts in the government school establishment could document a single incident of a license holder ever endangering anyone at a school.

But for the hysterical and delusional, facts don’t matter. It is simply their mindless hatred of gun owners that motivates their every action.

Prozanski has voted against a ban on guns in schools in the past but only because he knew that the bill he was being asked to vote on in committee would never have passed the then Republican-controlled House, but would be an anti-gun mark against anyone who voted for it.

Now, 6 years later, Prozanski is folding to Burdick’s fantasies and hanging up important legislation to please her and the government school lackeys, from whom he has received tidy donations. But, unlike his other two “concepts”, Prozanski clearly had something concrete to share with the opponents of gun rights.

The anti-gun crowd came to testify in favor of  “the amendments.”  Not “concepts” or “ideas.”  No, they had all obviously seen amendments that Prozanski later denied existed.

So, a hearing that under any normal circumstance would have been used to discuss actual bills that people had actually read was perverted into a sideshow where those in favor of the bills were expected to cover three bills and three “concepts” they had never seen in two minutes.

The process was perverted. It’s as simple as that. Prozanski,under pressure from Burdick, turned the hearing into open forum for anti-gun zealots while not allowing anyone else to see his “proposals.” Senate President Peter Courtney went along for the ride.

Whatever your position on the issue, we think you’d agree that a bill should be debated fairly and pass or fail based on a rational discussion of the bill’s content. But Prozanski politics, with the willing participation of Democrat leadership, has proven once again that games are far more important to some politicians than substance and fair play.

If you are as tired as we are of the schoolyard tactics of the anti-gun zealots, please consider sharing your feelings with Senator Prozanski and President Courtney. A note to your own Senator would not be a bad idea either.

Deadlines are fast approaching for action on these bills. Please act now.