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Going Once, Going Twice…


2023 will soon be behind us and with it the chance to beat Tina Kotek and her band of right’s haters out of a few bucks.

Donations to OFF’s Political Action Committee may qualify for a tax credit of up to $100.00.

That’s not a “deduction,” it’s better. Yes, you may be able to knock up to $100.00 off your Oregon tax bill and instead put it towards supporting good candidates in the coming election.

See here for details.

But you can’t wait much longer. In order to qualify for the tax credit, OFFPAC must receive your donation before the end of the year. That means that unlike Oregon’s “vote by mail” fiasco postmarks don’t count. We have to actually have your donation in hand for you to get the credit for 2023.

Given the sorry state of the mail these days the safest way to donate is online. Be sure to choose “Political Action Committee” from the drop down menu.

But if you act without delay you can still donate through the mail at:


PO Box 556

Canby OR


But no matter how you do it, please don’t wait.

It’s no secret that the Democrats have declared war on liberty, property, and even light bulbs, and it’s also no secret that the Republicans will once again attempt to field some truly awful candidates, most of which are already in office with the advantage of being incumbents.

But we know there are good people out there ready to step up if they get support, which they surely will not get from the Republican establishment which is far more interested in appeasing the left than electing fighters.

We would like to help these people, and for that we need your help. For years, establishment Republicans have asked OFF for donations only to attack us for standing on principle. Those people will not be getting your money.

So please consider helping the good guys and quite possibly doing it for free. To those who have already donated to our PAC we thank you. For everyone else we strongly encourage you take advantage of one of the few times you can claw back a few dollars from the state.

You can use this link to donate.

Thank you.