Get Covered.

If you carry a gun for self defense and ever have to use it your whole world will change.

You can do everything right and still face malicious prosecution from agenda driven DA’s.  The cost of defending yourself in court can be astronomical and crippling.

Oregon Firearms Federation has partnered with USCCA to make sure that law abiding gun owners have the coverage they need to protect themselves from the “justice” system after they have protected themselves and their family from criminal attack.

Do not underestimate how serious this is. No matter how legitimate, lawful and necessary a self defense shooting might be, the chances are great that you will be criminally charged. That ordeal could bankrupt you. You are especially at risk if you are in Multnomah County.

USCCA provides excellent, affordable coverage and support should you ever find yourself in a self defense situation.

Learn more and get covered here.