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Wasting no time in their attacks on gun rights, the Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing on  for SB 1503 for TOMORROW.

No doubt the supporters of this bill were notified well in advance.

The bill sends a very large pile of money to the Oregon Health Authority to “research”  “gun violence and suicide.”  This is the same OHA that we told you has hidden research that did not please the Democrat overlords who requested it.

“The Act makes a task force to stop gun violence and suicide. The Act provides money for research on gun violence and suicide.” 

As you would expect, the task force will consist only of anti 2nd Amendment activists. No one who supports gun rights will be allowed to participate.

We all know where this is going.  More of your money spent to craft new ways to eliminate your rights. 

The hearing is tomorrow in Senate Judiciary at 1PM.  It’s safe to say the anti-rights crowd will have been prepared and will be in attendance. 

You can register to testify in person or remotely using this link:

On that page you will see a box with “Register to Testify” next to it. Click on that box to register.

If you cannot be there you can still submit testimony noting that SB 1503 is another payoff to the anti-gun left and another attempt to silence gun owners.

You can use this link to submit written testimony.

Clearly the Republican’s fantasy that there would be no gun bills has been put to rest.


UPDATE.  An amendment to the bill has been introduced.

This amendment adds,”A representative of a community-based firearm safety and  protocols program” (which sure won’t be a pro gun group) and now funnels the money to the Department of Justice instead of the Oregon Health Authority.  Why give all that money to a agency that might support gun bans when you can give it to one that has already spent millions to do it?