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First Anti Gun Hearing and New Anti-gun Bills Coming Up.


The House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on HB 2543 today. We had the usual collection of “angry women demanding action” all of whom misrepresented the facts and continued the fantasy that punishing the law abiding would prevent killers from killing.

As expected, Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese was there to earn his pay as a mouthpiece for Mike Bloomberg and testified in favor of preventing good people from buying guns.

The Oregon State Police also testified but were neutral on the bill. What was NOT neutral were the statistics they provided which prove beyond the slightest doubt that gun owners are getting the shaft by the background check system.

Another hearing for this bill will be scheduled for those who, once again, were prevented from testifying by the technical glitches in the “new and improved” remote testimony system being praised by Oregon Democrats.

On the other side of the virtual building the Senate Judiciary Committee has announced a hearing for yet another anti-rights bill.

SB 585 is scheduled for a hearing on Feb 24th in Senate Judiciary.

SB 585 should not be confused with SB 554 which is scheduled for a hearing on Feb 22nd with a “work session” scheduled for Feb 25th.

Unlike SB 554, which only places thousands of “public buildings,” and airports off limits to gun owners, SB 585 will place entire cities and counties off limits to gun owners.

SB 554 repeals Oregon’s “pre-emption” statute which limits the creation of anti-gun laws to the state legislature. Under SB 554, any locality will be able to write whatever gun laws they like.

Ban on concealed carry?  Check.

Ban on modern semi-autos? Check.

Permits to purchase firearms and ammo?  Check and check.

This bill has been the dream of anti-rights crazy Ginny Burdick from the moment preemption was passed years ago after Multnomah County banned modern rifles.

With gang violence out of control in Portland, and a mayor who is not only radically anti-gun but also an invertebrate who condones mob violence, you don’t need much imagination to visualize what’s going to happen to gun owners in Portland, and in fact all of Multnomah County if this passes.

There is no time to let up the pressure. While gun owners are being assaulted on many fronts, the most immediate battles (at least as of this very minute) will be fought in the Senate Judiciary Committee next week.

There are three strong pro gun allies on that committee.  Senators Kim Thatcher, Dallas Heard and Dennis Linthicum. They are outnumbered and no doubt being bombarded with hate from the anti-gun cabal.  A simple note of support to each would make a difference. Just, “thanks for standing up for my gun rights, never give up” is all it would take.

Personal notes and phone calls to legislators are always the best option. But, let’s face it. Many of our friends and supporters don’t even have electricity right now, so we understand how limited your options are.  Not only are you cut out of the legislative process, but taking action is so much harder. So if nothing else, please make use of this great tool to remind Republican leaders that they do NOT have to participate in the complete elimination of your rights:

“Free Roots” is and activist service that we trust and encourage you to use.  Click here to take action.

For those who have the time and means, we have attached a recent newsletter from Senator Kim Thatcher with info and details on how to be as involved as possible in a state determined to shut you out.

Please don’t let up now.

ADDED 02.18.2021

At least one county has stepped up. How about yours? This is from 2016 but was sent to us today by a Jackson County Commissioner as a reminder of their stand.

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