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Federal Court Upholds Ballot Measure 114


Today, Judge Karin Immergut ruled against gun owners, the Second Amendment and a basic understanding of the English language and ruled that Ballot Measure 114  is just fine.

The decision is 122 pages and we just received it so we have not had time to analyze it in depth. What we have read defies belief.  While not entirely unexpected, Immergut’s ruling is simple nonsense and sure to be overturned at the 9th circuit.

When faced with the clear and undeniable issues about all magazines being banned and the permit system being completely unworkable, she essentially said “not my  problem.”

We are sure there will be plenty of parsing of this absurd decision in the coming days, but it was clear from the very first day that Immergut was both painfully ignorant and in the pocket of Oregon’s far left “Department of Justice.”

No doubt it took this long for her to come up with a reason to reach this conclusion when none of the facts were on her side.

You can read her decision here.

Please keep in mind Ballot Measure 114 is still prevented from going into effect because of the State Court decision in Harney County.  A full trial on the merits there will be held in September.