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Once again, America’s premium law enforcement agency, the FBI, has demonstrated that there are different rules for the people in power and the rest of us.

They have taken time out of their pursuit of Catholics and Trump supporters to help entrap Oregon gun owners.

You will recall that the Oregon Sheriff’s Association’s lawyer advised sheriffs, that in the event Mz 114 takes effect, they could NOT issue permits to purchase a firearm.

The reason was because the measure, along with many other inane requirements, prohibited permits to be issued to anyone who had not passed an FBI fingerprint check.  From early on, the FBI made it clear that it would NOT perform these checks because the ballot measure language did not comply with the rules that govern FBI fingerprint checks.

We knew it, the state knew it, and the courts knew it.  That alone should have made it clear that the measure was impossible to comply with and hence not constitutional.

But, as we have learned from the behavior of the FBI in recent years, the rules and the law do not matter. All that matters is doing the bidding of the far left in their tireless efforts to gut the 2nd Amendment.

A far left hack at the ever-shrinking “Oregonian” has reported that the FBI has decided to simply ignore the rules the rest of us have to live by and grant the state of Oregon a “grace period” and provide the checks so that the state could claim that this objection no longer applied.

We have been unable to determine what slight-of-hand was used to cut this deal, or who in Oregon’s corrupt power structure pulled the strings to make it happen.

While there has not yet been a published decision by the Harney County Judge about the constitutionality of 114, the timing of this revelation is, to say the least, suspect. But this stunt was clearly intended to defuse legal objections to the measure.

(The judge has stated he expects to have a decision by Thanksgiving.)

Ultimately no back door deals and violations of the law will matter.

If the measure goes into effect, and if the FBI allows the state of Oregon to run fingerprint checks through them, Mz 114 will still be virtually impossible to comply with and gun sales will end in Oregon. 

While big box stores that sell camping stoves and coolers will survive, we cannot imagine how your local gun dealer will stay afloat.  Keep in mind, that while some stores have still been able to acquire and sell the magazines that 114 bans, the state has made it clear that they will consider anyone who bought or sold one since LAST DECEMBER, to be criminals who can face prosecution.

This battle gets uglier every single day, and Oregon’s governor and Attorney General have essentially declared war on law abiding gun owners in this state while they continue to coddle thugs.

Our Federal lawsuit against this insanity grinds on, and while there have been  pro-gun victories across the country, they are all hard fought, expensive, and subject to endless appeals.  But we are committed to this battle to the very end.

This news is frustrating if not surprising and we are grateful for your support.

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