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Eugene School Board To Ban CHL Holders



If you, or someone you know, has children in the Eugene 4j School District please be warned that the school board is planning, at their May 18th meeting, to prohibit CHL holding parents from being anywhere on their property .

If they adopt this policy parents and friends will be forbidden from picking up or dropping off their children or attending any school function anywhere on school controlled property if they are in legal possession of self defense firearms.

The meeting is scheduled for 7pm, May 18. The address is:

200 N. Monroe Street

Eugene, Oregon 97402 [ map it]

Phone. 541-790-7706

The agenda item is listed as:

XII.1. Consider Revisions to Board Policies GBA – Equal Employment Opportunity; IGBB – Talented and Gifted Program; JFCJ – Weapons in Schools; and adoption of Board Policy KGBB – Firearms Prohibited (10 minutes)

Presenter: Christine Nesbit, General Counsel

Information about addressing the board to oppose this dangerous policy can be found here:

At a time when the state refuses to address rising levels of violence, taking away parent’s ability to protect their children is an act of insanity.  Please contact the school board and strongly object to this new attack on common sense.

Contact info for school board members follows.

Judy Newman, 2021-22 Chair. Email:

Maya Rabasa, 2021-22 Vice Chair. Email:

Keerti Hasija Kauffman  Email:

Alicia Hays. Email:

Michelle Hsu. Email:

Gordon Lafer. Email:

Laural O’Rourke. Email: