2008 Election – Tim Bero, Oregon House District 32

Tim Bero,
Republican candidate for House District 32

Why am I running? I believe that the people of Oregon have lost faith in their government and the Oregon state election process is broken. Many liberal candidates up for election are running unopposed. Why is this? Is it because Oregon is in great economic shape or because there is general feeling in the community of powerlessness? Throughout history one party rule has always resulted in personal party agenda and a large portion of our citizens feeling ignored if not downright invisible.

I believe in the initiative system. It was set up in order to give the people a voice in their government. I can also see that some in Salem are trying to undermine the process. We need land use reform in our state. Initiatives, such as measure 39, show that Oregon citizens are behind reform. Unfortunately their voices have landed on deaf ears, Salem is ignoring its people. Our land use system is broken. You can see this when land that does not readily grow trees is zoned “forest”, when our fertile farmland is paved and rural towns that need zone changes in order to entice outside businesses are blocked with bureaucratic red tape. The current land use system is not set up on scientific bases, engineering or common sense, but instead, on a series of hearings that allow for a forum of community and non-community infighting, grudge venting and slander. Neighbors are pitted against each other and the results are a bitter and disenfranchised community.

I believe that Oregon is not doing an adequate job with the primary education system. Whether we like it or not we are participating in a global economy. There are no innocent bystanders. We must come to terms that unless we want the standard of living of a person in a third world country we have to be educated, innovative and our government must be efficient. This means paying our teachers a competitive wage, teaching the latest technology, math and science, and culling of teachers who are ineffective. In addition, government should adequately fund schools and dollars should be set aside for technological advancement. In general, a restructuring of how education is funded is necessary in order to ensure a future for our youth.

I find it ironic that strong Industry has provided the forum for Unions to help set the standards for the American middle class but in the past twenty years both have been undermined by a one sided trade policy. The government’s lack of control over Illegal immigration is destroying us as a nation. I have no problem with a “guest worker” program but these types of programs must guarantee the seasonal return of the workers and put the responsibility of heath care, education and other civic costs on the employer. I believe that to become a citizen and reap the benefits that such a citizenship brings requires passion, hard work and dedication.

I love to hunt and fish and just like fly rods aren’t all there is to fishing, duck hunting is not all there is to gun ownership. A lot of politicians fall back on the sporting aspect of shooting with statements like “I hunted once as a child” but statements like these are just lip service to get our vote. Once in office it’s easy to be manipulated by the scare mongers who walk the halls of Salem because America’s gun laws are complex and detailed, and a great deal of time must be devoted to them in order to understand them fully. We live in one of the freest countries in the world; unfortunately, we lose, imperceptibly, some of our freedom almost everyday. One day, we will wake up and say “remember when…” This freedom drain is coming from both sides of the political spectrum. You may not care about “gun rights” but perhaps you do care about “property rights” or illegal “search and seizure.” I always tell people who only pay homage to their “favorite right” not to worry, some agency will get around to destroying theirs in good time.

Please consider writing Tim Bero in when you cast your ballot for Representative in House District 32, for honest representation and freedom.

Contact Info:
Tim Bero
Ph. 503-429-5001
PO Box 311 Vernonia Or 97064
Email: Berofordistrict32@gmail.com