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Divide and Conquer


Second Amendment Sanctuary Update

We want to send a big and sincere thank you to everyone who is supporting our battles to protect local Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinances.

Our recent victory in Columbia County could not have happened without you. But, as you know, the leftist Oregon establishment is furious, vengeful, and well funded. These will certainly be our most expensive battles to date.

We recently informed you that the State of Oregon, backed by billionaire bucks from Bloomberg’s “Everytown,” has declared war on counties with Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinances.

They started with Columbia County and when they failed there, set their sights on Yamhill and Harney County.

When we defeated them in Columbia County they immediately appealed. So there we are facing not only the State of Oregon as adversaries, but also two duplicitous County Commissioners who are suing to repeal their own ordinance.

Now the Oregon Department of “Justice” has filed against the ordinances in Yamhill and Harney counties hoping to intimidate all the other localities that have established rules to protect their citizens from the extreme agendas of Kate Brown and the liberal legislature.

We believe the counties are the last line of defense against Brown and her cronies.  As we learned in the last legislative session, Republican office holders in Salem will not stand up for your rights even when they have a virtual guarantee of victory.

Under the failed “leadership” of Fred Girod in the Senate and Christine Drazan in the House, the Republicans ran away from every fight, leaving Oregon in far worse shape than when the session started.

So, if Oregonians are going to preserve any shred of freedom, we must take these fights to the counties.

But many counties are not well funded and they are fearful of Brown and her henchmen (and women.)

We are concerned that the commissioners in Harney County will be bullied into submission by these lawsuits.

While counties have their own legal counsels, all too often those lawyers lack both the skill and the courage to take on big fights. In many cases, these lawyers are actually trying to undermine the will of the people and the commissioners, as we saw in Columbia and Yamhill County.

So we have to get to work.  Harney County is a long way from Portland. If the leaders of Harney can be bullied and intimidated by Kate Brown and Mike Bloomberg, the rest of the state will be next and what few rights we have will soon be gone.

We already know that Brown’s Department of Justice plans to lie and misrepresent what these ordinances do, just like they did in Columbia County. 

We know they are testing the waters to see where they can get a victory after their defeat in Columbia.

We know that the “elite” in Salem consider the residents and commissioners of Harney County to be rubes and bumpkins they can batter into submission.

These actions will hopefully send the message that we are prepared to preserve the rule of law across our state..” said Oregon’s anti-gun Attorney General and candidate for governor.

But we think they are messing with the wrong cowboys.  Please let the commissioners know they must stand up to Brown and defend their counties.

It makes no sense to create ordinances to protect your citizens from the crushing boots of the state and then fold when the state threatens you. Especially when the state tried that once and failed.

When several counties declared emergencies because of looming shortages of first responders due to vaccine mandates, the governor told them they are “on their own”.

According to “The Salem Reporter”:

“The state Office of Emergency Management maintains that cities and counties are responsible under law to provide emergency services for their citizens, and the state should only step in when local governments are overwhelmed. Spokeswoman Chris Crabb wrote in an email that the office will evaluate requests for help from local governments, but they should try first to solve their own problems. “

So when counties face crises because of state mandates, they are “on their own” but when they create protections for their residents they are sued by Brown. This is outrageous.

Please contact the Harney County Commissioners and tell them to stand up to Brown and her foot soldiers.

Please remind them they work for the people in their county.

Thank them for having the courage to write, and enforce, an ordinance that defends the constitutional rights of Harney County residents and visitors.

Let them know they are the last line of defense against the failed and deadly politics of Portland and Salem.

And remind them that the rest of the state is looking for their leadership.

Rural Oregonians are regularly the victims of dangerous Portland dictates. This has to stop.

The Harney County “Court” (commissioners) are:

Pete RunnelsCounty Judge
450 N. Buena Vista #5
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-6356
FAX: 541-573-8387

Kristen ShelmanCounty Commissioner, Position 1
Phone: 541-589-4384

Patty DorrohCounty Commissioner, Position 2
Phone: 541-589-1898