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Democrats Double Down.


Kate Brown has vowed not to negotiate in the slightest way with the “in hiding” Republican Senators and has ordered the State Police to act as her personal goon squad and force them back to the Capitol. The irony is the last time the Democrats walked out, it was Kate Brown who led them. The hypocrisy is staggering.

Now a Democrat in the House has given the Senators even more reason to stay away.  As you know, Senate President Peter Courtney has decided to fine the 11 Republican Senators $500.00 a day for every floor session they miss. Now in the closing days of the 2019 regular session House Rep Marty Wilde  has introduced  HB 3453, a bill designed to further punish the Senate Republicans by prohibiting them from using their campaign funds to pay the fines they are being saddled with. (Naturally the bill has an “emergency” clause.)

Of course, in order for this bill to pass, it needs to move through both houses. And nothing can move through the Senate unless the Senate Republicans return.   Wilde, in his infinite stupidity, just gave them another reason not to.

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This morning Senate President Peter Courtney declared that the bill that got the Republicans to leave in the first place, HB 2020, did not have the votes to pass. Whether this is a ruse remains to be seen.