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Things are moving quickly in our suit to put Mz 114 on ice.

While there is a long battle ahead of us, the first job is to get an injunction to prevent it from going into effect while we demonstrate that it is clearly unconstitutional .

Though we had expected others, including large national gun rights groups and representatives of the firearms industry, to take legal action, as of today none, to our knowledge, have.

That makes our case  even more critical.

Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, the Federal Court took the unusual step of acting on a Federal holiday and scheduling oral arguments for Dec 2nd.

While this greatly reduces the time our legal team has for preparation, we are hoping it means the court has recognized the need to act quickly.  But only time will tell.

OFF wants to assure you that we recognize the gravity of this case.  Not only are the livelihoods of thousands at  risk, for too many to count, their very lives could be at risk.

The promoters of this measure were more than happy to crush small businesses across the state and send a message to the most vulnerable Oregonians that their safety and privacy are meaningless. They have callously placed security guards and off duty police at risk of being seriously outgunned by criminals.

They continue to lie about the measure and its impacts.

And people who should know better keep giving out ridiculous advice to gun owners who face jail time for simply being in possession of constitutionally protected magazines they have owned for decades.

To prove a gun owner had possession of higher-capacity magazines prior to Measure 114 going into effect , the owner could take a photo with a timestamp of the magazines, state police Capt. Stephanie Bigman suggested

This clearly preposterous suggestion will only serve to mislead and endanger people.

Obviously, magazines cannot be identified in a photograph since they all look exactly the same. And it’s laughable to think a court is going to accept a “time stamped” digital photo when, as you can see, they can be so easily altered.

Magazines from the past.
Magazines from the future.

Once again, we want to thank everyone who has been contributing to this fight. The opening salvo comes on Dec 2nd.  But no matter how the court rules, this is just the beginning, and your continued support is critical.

Please share this link with your friends and family as we are going to need all the help we can get.

Thank you. We will not back down.