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Court Challenges Filed


Yesterday Oregon Firearms Federation filed court challenges to the ballot titles for IP’s 61 and 62.

IP 61 would severely restrict ownership and transfer of modern firearms including virtually all rifles, some pistols and even some shotguns that no one would consider “semi-automatic.”

IP 62 would ban the future sale of standard ammunition magazines and outlaw the possession of previously owned magazines outside your home if they are loaded.

As you know OFF has already filed a legal challenge against the ballot title for IP 60 which contains the worst of both IP 61 and IP 62.

We are expecting a Supreme Court decision on our challenge to IP 40 (mandatory gun lockup) sometime today. 

With Bloomberg out of the race for President we can expect him to return full time to his efforts to end gun ownership one state at a time.  Your support has helped us stand in his way.

The clock is ticking on the end of this legislative session and if the Republicans hold fast to their protest against the outrageous abuses of the Democrat majority, no gun bills will pass this session. But no matter what happens in Salem, these ballot measures still represent a very real threat. We want to thank all of you who have so generously contributed to these very expensive legal battles.