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County Commissioners Ignore The People


Today the County Commissioners of Benton, Marion, Yamhill, and Polk County voted to appoint Anna Scharf to the House Seat vacated when the Oregon Legislature expelled House Rep Mike Nearman.

Mike was one of 5 candidates chosen by the precinct committee people of the Republican Party in House District 23. Mike won that vote by a substantial margin.

The Commissioners chose to ignore the vote of the PCP’s and instead picked Scharf who used to work for Nearman. When asked during the PCP selection process if she would have voted to expel her former boss, she joined the entire Republican House Caucus and said she would have expelled him.

The only Commissioner to honor the overwhelming decision of the PCP’s was Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett.

Marion County Commissioner Colm Willis did not vote.

All the other candidates made clear their intentions to compromise and grovel to the Democrat majority. Only Nearman spoke of standing up to them.

The Republican PCP’s demonstrated a lot more integrity than the Republican House members.

And with only one exception, the commissioners also demonstrated that politics beats principle.

Thanks to commissioner Starrett.  The others will be remembered.


Email links for commissioners.


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Worst Ever Session Over


The most destructive and disgraceful legislative session in Oregon history ended on Saturday June 26th.

It was a perfect game for the hard left. Not only did they pass strict and dangerous new restrictions on your right to protect yourself and your family, they also passed a massive and crushing agenda of tax increases, rewards for criminals, attacks on the police, a guarantee of future power failures at greatly increased cost and an official incorporation into Oregon statutes of Marxist ideology and racist Marxist for-profit corporations.

It was breathtaking in its sheer, humiliating magnitude.  The damage that has been done to our state can barely be measured.

And through it all, the “loyal opposition,” the Republicans, responded with… press releases.

House Republican “leader” Christine Drazan announced in her release “ We have accomplished much for our communities and for Oregonians across the state this session…”  before a list of Republican failures.

House Rep Bill Post bragged about the money that will be spent in his district and his success “working across the aisle.”   “Working across the aisle” is Post’s slang for “crawling into bed with the left for another slap on the back of the head.”

Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod presided over a caucus he split in half. Half doing their best to stand for principle, and the other half, Anderson, Kennemer, Knopp, Findley and Hansell, siding with the enemy on bill after leftist bill.

Through it all, the Republicans meekly complained about the left wing steamroller that was crushing Oregon, while handing them victory after victory with no attempt to stop or even slow down the mudslide of devastating policies.

This was the “equity” session.  And while the Democrats completely intimidated and neutered Republicans with that word, everyone knew what it really means:

The institutionalization of rabid racism and identical, failed, outcomes for all.

Democrats even introduced a bill at the end of the session saying racism was a “health crisis” and demanding “redistribution of resources.” Undisguised communist doctrine.

We sent a note to Democrat House Rep Andrea Salinas, the chief sponsor of that bill, HB 3414. We pointed out  that while this entire session has been dominated by rhetoric and legislation condemning the brutal behavior of white men and demanding revenge, the session has been completely controlled by the “BIPOC Caucus.”  All of whom identify as non white.  Salinas is in this caucus although she looks whiter than half the people in the legislature and she lives in that downtrodden ghetto… Lake Oswego.

We got a reply from her chief of staff, “Miranda Miller”.  She said:

“I will be forwarding this email to the Oregon State Police, and if our office continues to receive messages from you that are in anyway similar to the one you just sent, I will be sure to escalate the Oregon State Police’s response to this behavior.”

We saved her the time and sent it to the OSP ourselves with a promise to go quietly when they came for us.

Miller went on to say:

“I also have many connections with the many gun groups that lobby across Oregon because I worked for a year and a half at Pac/West Communications. I will be forwarding this message to every gun lobbying group so they are aware of the fact that any association with your group will mean they do not get a meeting with our office.”

You simply cannot make this stuff up.

Republicans in both Houses even abandoned the tactic of a full reading of the bills and thereby guaranteed a timely passage of the crippling policies of the left.

They caved with barely a whimper.

The Republicans in the House did stand together on one issue. The expulsion of the only real patriot in the House, Mike Nearman.

Not a single Republican House Rep demonstrated a shred of integrity when they bowed to the demands of Democrat overlord Tina Kotek and expelled Mike for doing what the other Republicans only give lip service to.  Opening the people’s house to… the people.

We have received countless emails from Oregonians expressing their disgust with the vast majority of elected Republicans. We share their disdain.

And now for some good news. 

Since Nearman’s colleagues banded together to remove him from the House (in order to assure they got their $ 2 million dollar payoffs) Nearman’s seat was declared vacant.

When a vacancy occurs in a legislative seat the process to replace that person requires the “precinct committee persons” of the same party (in Mike’s case the Republican Party) who reside in the affected district, to pick three to five candidates to fill the seat.

The final candidate is then chosen by the commissioners of the county, or counties, that are in the district in question.

In Mike Nearman’s case, his House district spread through parts of 4 counties; Polk, Yamhill, Marion and Benton.

The commissioners of those counties get votes that are weighted by the number of people that are in the House district.

In this case, Polk County will get the most votes followed by Yamhill, Marion and Benton.

Last Friday the Republican PCP’s met to pick the candidates for the vacant seat. And the top vote getter was…Mike Nearman.

Clearly, the PCP’s of the Republican Party in House District 23 have far more courage and integrity than does the entire Republican House Caucus. And while we have a long way to go to weed out the turn coats we helped elect, this is indeed a hopeful sign.

The other candidates that the commissioners will pick from are:

John Swanson

Anna Scharf

Jim Bunn

Micky Garus

But Nearman got the most votes by far. 

We have been informed that Anna Scharf (who actually worked for Nearman at one time) and Micky Garus, both said that had they been in the House when Mike was expelled, they would have joined in that vote and expelled him.

Some things never change.

It is clear that the people in Mike’s district want Mike as their Rep. And while we can’t imagine why anyone would want to go back to work side by side with that collection of cowards, Mike’s committed to the people who elected him and the Constitution.

The Commissioners will have to pick a replacement by July 9. If they fail to do so, Kate Brown will chose a lackey to fill Mike’s seat.

You can urge the commissioners to act quickly and in the best interests of the voters of Mike’s district.

Remember, Polk and Yamhill counties have the most votes.

This has been a bad year for patriots.  But there is still time to demand a resounding and historic victory and return Mike to the Oregon House.

Commissioner’s websites follow:

Email links for commissioners.

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We’re Surrounded.


As we enter into the last days of the most destructive legislative session in Oregon history, the pace of the destruction is not slowing.

The Oregon Legislature is passing bills that will cause incalculable damage to our state for many years to come. And, as has become their custom, elected Republicans are rolling over like whipped dogs and watching the state crumble, pausing only to play dead or offer their paws to the majority party while waiting for a command to “fetch.” 

Anything to make sure their payoffs are not endangered.

The Republican House “leader” continues to have delusions of relevance with pointless, theatrical “demands” that the governor open our wounded state while the Senate Republicans demonstrate a complete disconnect from reality with endless requests that people sign “petitions” to stop the Democrat juggernaut, and hey while your at it, will you please send them more money.

To call all this an embarrassment would be to understate it immensely.

Yesterday the entire Portland Police riot squad resigned from that detail making the Rose City one step closer to the goal of its elected leaders…turning Portland into Mogadishu.

As we previously reported, OFF is now in a legal fight to uphold the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances twice passed by the residents of Columbia County.  The Columbia County Commissioners joined forces with Bloomberg’s “Everytown” to challenge the ordinances and now we are faced with a costly battle to defend them.  But this fight is absolutely critical as it might well set a precedent for Second Amendment protection ordinances across the state and country. Unfortunately the main ingredient in court battles is money. And we’re going to need a lot of it.

Meanwhile, another of the “gang of six” sellout cowards in the Republican Senate Caucus is facing a recall.

Lynn Findley, who never met a surrender he could not embrace, is the latest target of completely disgusted voters.

As you know, Senate Republican ‘leader” Fred Girod is also facing a recall.

In his defense Findley said:

“I chose to stand and fight and put stuff on the record,and by staying in the session, I was able to work hard for the constituents. And that’s what I’m supposed to do.”

This is, of course, complete and utter hogwash. The Republican Senators who stayed on the floor for the vote on SB 554, were the servile enablers of their Democrat overlords. But Findley also shines as one of the Republicans most likely to vote for any demented legislation the Democrats beat him over the head with. (Although Hansell, Knopp, Kennemer, Anderson and Girod are doing their best to keep up.)

You may recall that Findley is one of the two bootlicks who turned on the new leaders of the Republican Party to assist the left in doing as much damage as they could to anything rational. Findley is a detestable laughing stock who should be removed from any job with any responsibilities that do not require a mop and dust cloth.

A measure has been filed to refer SB 554 to the ballot. This will be another costly and risky fight. In the event the voters do reject 554 (and given the make up of voters in Portland this is quite the hill to climb) nothing prevents the legislature from simply reinstating another version of it the next time they are in session.

To date, none of the Republicans who we helped elect, who then turned their backs on gun owners, have offered a single dime from their coffers to help in the effort. Of course many of them were eager to remind us that refusing to walk out to stop 554 was no big deal since gun owners could expend massive amounts of money and time to refer it to the ballot. No real need for them to do their job since the people could do it for them. And no need for them to offer any financial assistance either because seriously, they have to get re-elected.

The chief petitioner on the referral to stop SB 554 is Mike Nearman who was recently expelled from the legislature for actually doing what the others only talk about.

Ironically, the other two petitioners are House Reps who voted to expel Mike, so don’t hold your breathe expecting any help from them. And by all means, pray they are never in your foxhole. No way they are risking their payoffs.

You can learn more about the referral and get petitions and offer help here.

But wait, there’s more.

The “faith fakers” of Portland are back with two new anti-rights ballot measures.  Both have been approved to receive “ballot titles.”

In their past incarnations we have been able to hold them at bay with legal challenges. But, the impulse to crush liberty never rests so they are back.

Ballot measure 17 will require that you obtain a “permit” to simply purchase a firearm.  The permit will require “training” and a hefty fee. Ballot Measure 17 also bans most firearms magazines.

Full info on the measure and its sponsors is here.

Ballot Measure 18 bans virtually all modern firearms. The “people of faith” who are pushing this will allow you to keep firearms you already own if you jump through a complex set of hoops. But nothing new or off to jail you go. It’s interesting to note that the folks behind these measures are also big supporters of anti-cop efforts and apologists for the friendly folks who are burning down Portland.  To date we have not seen a single word of condemnation from them for the gun toting thugs who now rule the streets of Bridge Town, but they are quite determined to make sure you white supremacists are disarmed.

Full info on the measure and its sponsors is here.

As you can see, gun owners have a full plate right now. We are battling on multiple fronts, we have virtually no support from the people we helped elect and the cavalry is NOT coming.

All of these efforts are going to be very costly. That’s just the way it is.    Writing and calling your legislators is not going to matter.  Few of them have the courage or the willingness to help anyway.  This is going to come down to money. Pure and simple.

As you know, OFF does not include a request that you “chip in” with every alert we send you. We don’t tell you that we are “tragically short of our goal for the week” or that we need to raise “$10,456.00 tonight to meet the deadline.”  But let’s face it.  We really have our back to the wall now.

We gave generously to candidates who walked away from the fight. That’s money we could have spent on these battles. But the fight did not walk away.  We need your help.

Anything you give will be an investment in your rights and property. Anything you can afford will be used to put the brakes on the blood thirsty leftists who are determined to crush liberty and sanity in our state.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

You can use either of the following links to contribute to this battle.

If you prefer, there is an orange button on this page to donate through PAYPAL.

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Oregon Republican House….United At Last


The Oregon House Republicans. United At Last.

Last night, after a cringeworthy hearing where Democrats spewed nonsense and Republicans sat whimpering like whipped dogs, the Oregon House voted to expel Rep. Mike Nearman.

Nearman has been charged with a crime for opening a door to the Oregon Capitol and allowing into the building, the folks most hated by the legislature…Oregon voters.

For months, we have been subjected to the pathetic bleating of Republican “leaders” about how unfair it is for the public to be locked out of their building and their process.

And for months, the Democrats have slammed through bill after bill that served few purposes except to remind Oregonians that they are worthless racists who need to grovel and beg for forgiveness for their many sins. And while all this took place, the Republicans lapped it up, and in many cases actually voted for this crap.

But when Nearman actually allowed Oregonians into the building, he was charged with a crime, and yesterday became the first legislator in Oregon history to be expelled.

Not a single Republican uttered a word in his defense.

Not a single Republican even bothered to point out the unbelievable hypocrisy of the proceeding. They were too busy looking down at their shoes and contemplating their next surrender. It was a gut churning disgrace.

House Rep Ron Nosse used the proceedings to drone on about his romantic love for men. Rep Julie Fahey prattled on about her absurd and comical claims that she ran through the building “making sure people were safe.”

(If Julie Fahey is keeping you safe you’re already done for.)

Andrea Salinas, the whitest person in the “people of color” caucus, recounted the trauma she and other Democrats felt when faced with the threat of facing actual voters.

Andrea Salinas


“Rep. Andrea Salinas, D-Lake Oswego, said it was, “upsetting to learn that Rep. Nearman was planning and coordinating an attack on our Capitol… The trauma of that day will not leave with Rep. Nearman.”

Over and over the Democrats recounted their personal stories of dread when it was their raggedy butts in jeopardy and not the poor schmucks getting dragged out of their cars in Portland by antifa, (who the Democrats openly support.)

And through it all, every excruciating second, the Republicans sat sphinx-like demonstrating one more time, what utter cowards each and every one of them are.

“House Republican Leader Christine Drazan told OPB on Thursday, she had not believed Nearman intended to allow people into the Capitol until footage emerged June 4. She said she believes people might have been killed without the quick intervention of police.”


“Leader” Drazan


And yet Drazan, who broke from her usual policy of never calling anyone unless her hand was out, called our office twice that day and was so oblivious to the terrifying, life and death, battle outside that we had to tell her about it and suggest there might be a better time for a phone call.

House Rep Bill Post, who only takes time out of asking for donations to post on any of his countless social media, shock jock sites, shared this, his personal excuse for his own craven cowardice.

“My fear was not from the crowd but rather FOR the crowd IF they were to get into the building. Those of us who carry firearms, were prepared to defend ourselves. I am afraid there would have been deaths that day.”

Sure you would Bill, if you were not cowering behind your desk scared to death of the same people who had carried guns in the capitol countless times before. People you ENCOURAGED to come to the capitol armed when it suited your personal political goals, when you responded to “Moms Demanding Attention” with a tweet that said “Oregonfirearms be ready, be there!”


Post Tweet


In the days before the House Republicans curled up in a fetal position and begged for mercy, they all signed a letter telling Nearman to resign. All so they would not have to go on record.  And in the end, every single one of them voted against him.

The Oregon House Republicans are finally united. In shame.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Mike’s legal defense. He is still facing staggering legal bills. You can help him here.

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They’re Back


The jesters from the faux “faith” movement are back.

In a burst of creativity and originality this is what “Rabbi” Michael Cahana said about his attempts to outlaw the most popular firearms in America:

 these are weapons designed and used to kill as many human beings as possible in as short as time as possible…”

Cahana has joined his usual gaggle of fake “church leaders” whose only real god seems to be the crushing power of the state, to once again attempt to push numerous ballot measures to deny American’s gun rights.

The last time Cahana and his fellow travelers pushed this Marxist nonsense when we pointed out that it was this kind of deprivation of the right of self defense that preceded the murder of millions of Jews, the gun ban mob and the media cartel immediately attacked us as anti-semitic for noting the obvious. We have no doubts they will again.

But clearly some people simply never learn.

As you know, our battles are now on multiple fronts.  Gun owners have all but been abandoned  (with a few notable exceptions) by the Republican legislators they helped elect.

We are in a very expensive legal fight in Columbia County where the commissioners have stomped on the will of the people. They replaced the Second Amendment sanctuary ordinances, invoked by the people, with their own weaker version and then joined with superrich anti-gun groups to overturn their own version.

And, as expected, the Governor has signed SB 554, a bill that not only excludes gun owners from the buildings they pay for and requires that their guns be locked up and useless, but holds them liable for crimes committed by others.

Oregon is truly facing an unprecedented attack on liberty.

The legislative session is not over. There is still more damage that can be done.

We now have virtually no representation in the House and only a handful of out numbered patriots in the Senate.

We’re going to need all the help we can get in the coming months. We’ll be watching the closing days of the worst legislative session in Oregon history. Please be vigilant too.

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An American Patriot Attacked



As the left continues to tighten its grip around the throat of Oregon, the cartel media continues to idolize the marxist thugs who have turned our cities into cesspools.

And while the minority party continues to grovel and roll over for the petty tyrants in power, that same cabal of extremists are hard at work destroying anyone who stands up to them.

One of those people is Mike Nearman.

Mike is a Republican House Rep who has been a consistent voice of reason in his years serving in the Oregon Legislature. Time and again Mike has stood up to the woke mob, something fewer and fewer are willing to do.

We told you Mike’s story here.

Because Mike committed  the unforgivable sin of leaving the building he works in by opening a door, the full force of the left is being rained down on him.

He has been stripped of committee assignments, locked out of his own workplace unless he daily asks for permission, pilloried in the press and is now facing criminal charges.

Many of you have contributed to Mike’s legal defense. We want to thank each of you for supporting Mike far more than his own colleagues have.

But Mike’s legal defense bills are staggering and mounting everyday. And, as we have learned, the Oregon Judicial System is no friend to people whose values conflict with the mob.

Mike has set up a website where you can contribute via PAYPAL.

As always, you can still send checks to Mike at our address. If you prefer to donate by check make your check to “Mike Nearman” and send it to PO Box 556, Canby OR. 97013.

The left rewards people who destroy our cities. But the “Republican” establishment has been curiously quiet about Mike. Please don’t let Mike face these attacks alone.

Thank you.

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Biden Comes For Personal Firearms


As you  know, Joe Biden is moving full speed ahead in his war on America’s gun owners.

His pending pick to head the ATF is a darling of far left gun ban groups and a committed enemy of the 2nd Amendment and common sense.

While Oregon’s two Senators are rabidly anti 2nd Amendment, it never hurts to let them know how much you oppose having the ATF run by someone on the payroll of anti-rights organizations.

At the same time, Biden will be doing all he can to use the ATF to mount a crusade against gun rights on other fronts.

Biden wants to destroy the American tradition of self made personal firearms and redefine numerous terms to make gun possession and creation as costly and burdensome as possible.

These attacks on your rights are being cloaked in the latest nonsense term “ghost gun”.

Some of the most important innovations in firearms technology  were the result of the inventiveness of private individuals tinkering in their own homes and shops. Biden wants to make sure that kind or creativity is stifled.

No doubt, he would be happy to see all firearms innovation take place in China.

ATF is currently accepting comments on the proposed changes.   You can read about them in depth, and comment on them, here. (

If you would prefer not to slog through pages of ATF double talk we suggest you just keep your comments to a simple demand that ATF not use their questionable statistics about crime to cripple the ability of Americans to make their own firearms, for their own use, without the meddling of another alphabet agency. Just as we have done for generations.

ATF’s guidelines follow.

All comments must reference this document’s docket number, ATF 2021R-05, be legible, and include the commenter’s complete first and last name and full mailing address. ATF may not consider, or respond to, comments that do not meet these requirements or comments containing profanity. ATF will retain all comments as part of this rulemakings administrative record. ATF will treat all comments as originals and will not acknowledge receipt of comments. In addition, if ATF cannot read your comment due to technical difficulties and cannot contact you for clarification, ATF may not be able to consider your comment.

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Disgraceful Bill Pulled.



Senate Bill 865 has been pulled from today’s schedule. Also gone is all the testimony against it.

As you will recall, 865 was the bill sponsored by Republican sellouts, Linn Findley and Bill Hansell along with far left Democrat Rob Wagner.

The sole purpose of the bill was to attack fellow Republican Senators Dallas Heard and Dennis Linthicum who were recently elected to leadership positions in the Republican Party.

Heard and Linthicum were among the 6 Senators  who refused to help Democrats pass SB 554, a radical anti gun bill.

Findley and Hansell were among the 6 Republicans who stayed on the floor for the vote on that bill, thereby giving the Democrats the quorum they needed to pass it.

Voters in Findley and Hansell’s districts have been furious at them for rolling over and helping pass 554. So, doing what all cowards do, they joined the Democrats to attack stand-up Republicans.

What the bill did was make it illegal for Linthicum and Heard to serve both as Senators and as officers in the party, and punished them with fines of $250.00 a day if they did not resign from one position or the other.

They were the only people in the state the bill would have applied to.

Hansell and Findley, under the “leadership” of Fred Girod, displayed a new level of disgraceful behavior with this ugly and vindictive attack not only on members of their caucus, but the entire Republican Party which chose Linthicum and Heard as leaders by a substantial margin.

The old guard who were replaced had a collective tantrum and Findley and Hansel stepped up to seek revenge.

As you can imagine, normal people were outraged by this sick display of petty vengeance and let the turncoats know.  Before disappearing, testimony was soundly against this childish abuse of legislative power.

We want to thank everyone who took time to express their disgust with Findley and Hansell and their juvenile games. We have no doubts you are the reason the bill has been pulled.  But, as with all legislative issues, nothing is truly dead until the legislature shuts down for the session.

We will continue to monitor the bill and keep you informed.


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One Step Up For America, One Step Back For Oregon.

One Step Up For America, One Step Back For Oregon.



While Oregon gun owners continue to face costly battles on multiple fronts, there was good news from the US Supreme Court today.

The court ruled that police do not have the authority to enter a person’s home to seize firearms without a warrant.

Police officers are called upon to perform many civic tasks beyond their normal law enforcement duties, but that recognition is not “an open-ended license to perform them anywhere,” wrote Justice Clarence Thomas for the court.

This ruling could have a profound effect on “Red Flag” laws like the kind Senator Brian Boquist rammed through in Oregon a few years ago. Whether an “Extreme Risk Protection Order” will be considered a “warrant” is yet to be decided. However, it’s interesting that under Oregon’s law, a person can have their firearms seized without ever being accused of, let alone convicted of, a crime.

In the case before the court, the person whose guns were stolen by the police agreed to be taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation. In Oregon, even that is not required. In fact, under Oregon law a person whose guns are taken as a result of an “Extreme Risk Protection Order” is forbidden from using a positive mental health evaluation in their defense.

Meanwhile, Oregon is about to become the test case for another national issue. The OFF supported “Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance” was passed by the voters in Columbia County. The commissioners in the county then took the passed ordinance, rewrote it and then asked for “judicial review” of the ordinance as changed by them.  While anti-gun forces were alerted to this request and then joined in the legal action, pro-gunners, including the people responsible for passing the ordinance, were kept in the dark and then blind sided by the inside effort to overturn it.

We are committed to defending the ordinance. With over a thousand counties across the country having passed ordinances of this kind, this case is extremely important. Not only for the merits of the ordinance , but for the underhanded way it is being challenged.

We will be faced with massive legal bills to defend the will of the voters in Columbia County. But this is a battle that simply must be fought.  Today’s Supreme Court decision is a positive sign. But Oregon is moving further away from common sense gun laws every day.

Please consider helping in this crucial battle.

Paypal link.


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Sellouts Double Down




As we previously reported, two Senate Republicans have joined forces with left wing extremist, Rob Wagner, to pass SB 865.

The sole purpose of the bill is to further weaken the Republican Party and attack two Senators who are new party officers.

It’s no coincidence that those targeted Senators are among the 6 who stood up for their constituents’ gun rights and refused to participate in the charade that was SB 554.

SB 554 is the radical anti-gun bill passed with the help of 6 Republican Senators, and almost all Republican House members, who remained on the floor for the vote, thus giving the anti-gun Democrats the quorum they needed to pass this dangerous legislation.

Senators Bill Hansell and Lynn Findley, not content with helping the Democrats pass that bill, are now attacking Senators Dallas Heard and Dennis Linthicum, who walked off the floor in opposition to the bill.

Heard and Linthicum are among the newly elected leaders of the Republican Party.  They took over in February after a vote of party officials. They won overwhelmingly and replaced the old guard whose rudderless leadership has been so costly to the party.

But this victory was not cheered by everyone and forces in the old guard, furious that they have finally been replaced by real leaders, decided to undermine the new team and convinced Findley and Hansell to do their dirty work.

For the record, they also convinced Senator Dick Anderson, but he withdrew his name from the bill.

What the bill does is punish Linthicum and Heard by prohibiting them from serving as Senators and officials in the party.  They are they only two people in the entire state that the bill would apply to.

The bill calls for fines of $250.00 a day if they don’t step down. This is how the left governs.  If they don’t like something they make it a crime. And now they have traitors like Findley and Hansell acting as their water boys.

It’s hard to describe this level of cowardly vindictiveness.

Hansell and Findley have been taking a lot of heat for being part of the cabal, led by Republican “leader” Fred Girod, who sold out gun owners, and all Oregonians, by greasing the skids for the passage of extreme new gun control measures, but they are also letting other terrible bills pass.

They are unlikely to seek reelection so they were the perfect tools to crawl into bed with the left to promote the destruction of the opposition.

Staffers in Fred Girod’s office comically told callers that Girod had “not read the bill” but his comments indicate otherwise.

Bill Hansell issued a particularly lame and unbelievable excuse for his revolting attack on his own party. .

The bill is now scheduled for a hearing on May 18th in the Senate Rules Committee. A committee chaired by, surprise, surprise, leftist Rob Wagner.

If the bill is passed out of Wagner’s committee, which is likely, it will almost certainly pass on the Senate floor. The Democrats would love the opportunity to stick it to the Republican Party, and cowards like Hansell, Findley, and Girod will certainly provide the quorum the Democrats need.

This kind of outrageous meddling in the operations of the party is a disgrace. Something we are growing accustomed to by the sellouts in the Republican Caucus. It’s critical that this bill be stopped.

You can upload testimony in opposition using this link:

Please be sure to use the drop down menu and pick “May 18th”. You can use this link to see examples of opposition testimony.

It’s important to get your testimony on the record, but more important right now would be contacting Senate President Peter Courtney and demand that he stop this vicious attack on two upstanding men and the internal policies of the Republican Party.

A handful of vindictive has-beens should not be allowed to poison the well to satisfy the destructive urges of a collection of losers.

On another note, as you probably know, our friend House Rep Mike Nearman has now been indicted for the “crime” of opening a door. When Mike opened a door to the capitol, the worst possible thing happened.  Oregon voters got into their own building.  A building they have been locked out of for this entire legislative session.

Many of you have generously responded to our call for support of Mike.  We are deeply grateful. If you would like to help Mike fight a rigged system please view this link.

To everyone who has contributed to Mike’s defense, we thank you and Mike thanks you.  To all of you who continue to contribute to our efforts here at OFF, we want to extend or sincerest gratitude as well.

Oregon is facing the greatest crisis in our lifetime.  The state is literally crumbling and the people who are working valiantly to save it are being torpedoed by their own troops.  Everything you do to stand in  the way of the turn coats means a great deal.  Thank you for staying in the fight.



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Does ANYONE Believe This Crap?

Does ANYONE Believe This Crap?



Republican Senator Bill Hansell joined Republican Senator Lynn Findley and Republican Senator Dick Anderson to attack the duly elected leaders of their party and two fellow senators.

We believe none of them had the brains to come up with this scheme and we are sure sooner or later we’ll find out who was responsible.

But for now, we present a press release written by someone, for Hansell, with his pathetic attempt at excusing this act of treachery. 

Read it here.

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We Were Wrong




On May 5th we posted an alert with the headline “The Sellout Is Complete.”

That headline was wrong and we want to officially retract it. The “sellout” is far from complete.

The same backstabbing Republicans who handed the militant left a victory on self defense restrictions has once again upped the ante. Now they want to destroy the Republican Party, or what’s left of it after their disgraceful actions this session.

In February, after years of rudderless and ineffective “leadership,”  the Oregon Republican Party elected a new slate of party officers. The old guard was replaced by Senators Dallas Heard and Dennis Linthicum and former Senator and current county commissioner, Herman Baertschiger.

Baertschiger led the successful Senate walkout last session and stopped not only terrible gun bills, but a host of other dangerous legislation. Heard and Linthicum were among the 6 Senators who refused to participate in this session’s side show and walked out on SB554, the recently passed anti self defense bill.

Together they were overwhelmingly elected to leadership roles in the Republican Party…by Republican Party members.

But the current Republican sellouts have decided the new leaders must be punished for standing up for your rights.

Republican Senators Findley, Hansel, and Anderson crawled into bed with militant leftist anti-gunner Rob Wagner to push a bill created to attack only the new party leadership.

SB 865 was created to specifically target Senators Linthicum and Heard and fine them $250.00 per day as long as they were party officials. Please be clear, this attack on Republican Party officers was drafted by REPUBLICANS! We have received reports that amendments are being considered to also force Baertschiger out.

Senator Anderson has since removed his name from the bill but was originally listed as a sponsor. Republican Senator “leader” Fred Girod signaled his support for the bill while attacking Heard and Linthicum for refusing to support a bill that outlawed “ropes with loops at the end.”

Girod said “it made us look very racist by voting no or not showing up or not voting, and that became the lead story, instead of the fact that most of us agreed.”

For some reason Girod forgot to express his concern for the feelings of horse thieves.

The Senate Republican Caucus is totally fractured. Now the worst of them have decided to do more dirty work for the Democrats to not only destroy Senators who took a stand, but to thwart the will of their own party members. Ironically, and pathetically, we have received calls and emails from the old guard in the Republican Party accusing us of “dividing the party.” Clearly we could not do as good a job as they are. We fully expect that this is not the end of the blind rage of the sellouts.

To call their behavior “disgraceful” would elevate it. The bill is being fast tracked to bypass legislative deadlines and is scheduled for hearing on May 18th.

Bill sponsor Democrat Senator Rob Wagner heads the committee the bill is due to be heard in. As an avowed leftist he is doing his job which is to crush the opposing party. This is to be expected. But the actions or Findley, Hansell and Girod are, once again, inexcusable.

Contact info if you care to share your thoughts with them.

Lynn Findley

Bill Hansell

Fred Girod


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A Friend Needs Us

Our friend House Rep Mike Nearman is being charged with CRIMES for doing what the Republican mouthpieces only talk about. He is facing staggering legal bills and an investigation worthy of a Columbian drug lord. We are asking for your help. Mike’s caucus has abandoned him. We cannot. Please consider helping Mike through this nightmare. Donations can be made out to Mike Nearman and sent to our PO Box. Box 556 Canby OR, 97013.

Here is Mike’s story:

Just when you think you’ve seen Oregon’s ruling party sink as far as it can, the Democrats go subterranean .

Only a few years ago, few would have imagined that anyone not yet diagnosed with an identifiable mental disorder would engage in the kinds of twisted, evil, games now being played daily by the supermajority.

One look no further than the modern day witch hunt that is the jihad against House Rep Mike Nearman. It’s fitting that this depraved sideshow is taking place in a town called Salem.

Mike may be the most consistent defender of rational thought in the Oregon Legislature. His history of standing up for conservative values is unmatched, as is his thoughtful assessment of the legislation that Oregon Democrats force feed the state every day.

But an unwavering commitment to American values comes with a heavy price in Oregon. And under the crushing, soul sucking, control of Oregon Democrats like Kate Brown and Tina Kotek, that price is complete personal destruction .

Mike’s crime? He opened a door. More on that in a minute.

Portland, the home city of Kotek and Brown, has become a national joke. The riots continue with the regularity of a metronome while the Democrat Mayor continues to do his best Pee Wee Herman imitation and watches it burn.

But worse than that effeminate gelding, the coven that runs state politics actively encourages the mayhem.

Night after riotous night, swarms of primitive punks burn, loot, and vandalize any structure whose owners foolishly rebuilt after the previous riot.

Coffee shops, churches, museums, and of course, any government building, are all fair, uncontested, game for the pack of hyenas that control and terrorize the city unchecked. But it’s not only buildings that are the targets.

The police, neutered by the leftist nihilists they answer to, can only continue to be firebomb targets and watch as the few people they actually arrest are released unimpeded.

One such entitled thug is Kristina Narayan.


Kristina Narayan


Narayan was arrested, like so many other children of privilege, during a riot last September.

Narayan was among 59 people who were arrested during the riot that occurred Saturday night into Sunday morning. Police declared a riot after 9:15 p.m. after protesters threw “multiple fire bombs at officers,” with one catching a community member on fire, according to a police release. Rocks, fireworks and mortars were also thrown at officers.”

But Narayan is no ordinary, garden variety, Marxist zombie. Narayan is a top staffer for none other than…House Speaker Tina Kotek.

In normal times when an employee of a prominent politician was involved in activities that included firebombs, their bosses would be quick to distance themselves from said employee. But we no longer live in normal times.

Rather than express disapproval of Narayan’s involvement in the continuing disintegration of Oregon’s biggest city, Kotek embraced her. Kotek’s reaction to her staffer’s participation in the riot?

“Every person – including members of my staff – has the right to stand up for what they believe and engage in nonviolent resistance,” she said. “Kristina’s experience is similar to what other Portlanders have experienced over the last few months. We need peace and accountability.”

To no one’s surprise, Narayan was released without bail. Kotek’s office promptly issued a statement noting that the charges against Narayan were dropped. It’s good to have friends in high places.

But if you work for one of Oregon’s most powerful leftists, you get more than special treatment. You get more than being praised for being a criminal. You get off scot free of course, but you also get bills passed in your honor.

Kotek’s minion was arrested for “interfering with a police officer.” Well Tina will have none of that. Not satisfied with having her released with no bail and having no charges filed against her, Tina and her fellow travelers are determined that up-and-coming revolutionaries like Narayan can’t even be arrested in the future. And so, House Bill 3164.

To make sure punks like Narayan and her friends are not interrupted by even a brief trip to the lock up, HB 3164 assures that they can happily go about the business of destroying what’s left of Portland. The bill Removes refusal to obey officer order as manner of committing crime” and should have simply been named the “Kristina Narayan Stay Out Of Jail Free” bill. And who voted for this outrage? Well, House Republican Leader…Christine Drazan!

Which brings us to House Rep Mike Nearman.


Mike Nearman


What exactly did Nearman do to bring down the full force of the left? Mike opened a locked door to the Capitol Building …and walked outside.

A building that he is employed in.

A building that belongs to the people of Oregon.

A building where rules are passed every day that restrict the rights of the voters.

A building that voters should have, and in fact are required to have, access to.  But they don’t.

The “people” no longer matter. The elite are in control and will make decisions. And you rubes better just shut up if you know what’s good for you.

Nearman broke nothing. He burned nothing. He vandalized nothing. He threatened no one.. He simply left the building through a door that was completely unguarded by the police who are now investigating this “crime”. And when the people who were outside came in, people who had every right to be there, they were met with violent resistance by the same police who cannot stop the daily destruction taking place in Oregon’s cities. The citadel is for the rulers. The peasants will stay outside, or be assaulted.

“Standards?” We’ll take a double.

Of course, in the midst of this blatant corruption, what’s even more infuriating is the near total silence of the Oregon Republicans. When Democrat Kotek’s sheltered underling was arrested at a riot, Kotek immediately sprung to her defense. Not a single Democrat dared to utter an even muted criticism of the precious child. Not so with Nearman.

 But House Republican leader Christine Drazan did find time to say:

“The investigation into this incident by law enforcement is underway and must be allowed to be completed…If the investigation finds that actions taken were criminal, legislators are not above the law and will be held responsible.” 

And while both Drazan and Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod have regularly bemoaned the lockdown and lockout of the Capitol, both of have done nothing to open it, showing up day after day to perpetuate the fraud and letting Nearman twist in the wind.

Some animals are just more equal than others.  Brad Witt is one of those animals. Just ask State Rep. Vikki Breese Iverson.  And while the current Speaker of the House is using her power to destroy Mike Nearman, she has been oddly silent on the actions of her predecessor. Another Democrat. What’s a little sex trafficking between Democrat friends?

Unlike the protected punks of the left, Nearman is facing criminal charges. The charges against him are “Official Misconduct in the First Degree” and “Criminal  Trespass in the Second Degree”

Here is one of the statutes Mike’s accusers are claiming he violated:

162.415 Official misconduct in the first degree. (1) A public servant commits the crime of official misconduct in the first degree if:

      (a) With intent to obtain a benefit or to harm another:

      (A) The public servant knowingly fails to perform a duty imposed upon the public servant by law or one clearly inherent in the nature of office; or

      (B) The public servant knowingly performs an act constituting an unauthorized exercise in official duties; or

      (b) The public servant, while acting as a supervisory employee, violates ORS 162.405 and is aware of and consciously disregards the fact that the violation creates a risk of:

      (A) Physical injury to a vulnerable person;

      (B) The commission of a sex crime as defined in ORS 163A.005 against a vulnerable person; or

      (C) The withholding from a vulnerable person of necessary and adequate food, physical care or medical attention.

      (2) Official misconduct in the first degree is a Class A misdemeanor.

      (3) As used in this section:

      (a) “Supervisory employee” means a person having the authority, in the interest of an employer, to hire, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward or discipline other employees.

      (b) “Vulnerable person” has the meaning given that term in ORS 136.427. [1971 c.743 §215; 2017 c.519 §1]

A drunken monkey could see none of that applies, but these days in Oregon the people in power can only aspire to be drunken monkeys.

But the truth means nothing when you are an Oregon Democrat determined to destroy your political opponents.

If a public servant can be charged with a crime  “with intent to harm another while knowingly performing an act constituting an unauthorized exercise in official duties”, then Kotek, Brown, and virtually all of the bleating phonies in the Democrat House should be going up the river for life.

In a press release, House Majority Leader Barbara Warner said, without a trace of irony or self awareness ““The rioters Rep. Nearman allowed in the building attacked Oregon State Police. They are tied to extremist white supremacist movements. These actions are an assault on the safety and wellbeing of everyone who was present that day, especially our BIPOC staff and legislators, whose health and safety were threatened. And many of us are still working through that trauma today. There must be accountability, and it starts with denouncing white supremacy and bigotry in our Capitol. “

While Barbara “works through the trauma” of allowing Oregonians into a building they own, a building she clearly believes should be her own private castle, she has kept her otherwise motorized mouth shut on the quotidian violence of the left. Violence that left far more damage to her beloved play house than the one broken door caused by a few provocateurs imbedded in a crowd of frustrated and ignored Oregonians. She has been silent on the abuse by Brad Witt. She has been AWOL on the charges against her friend Dave Hunt.

The hysteria was echoed by Oregon’s official victim caucus.

Meanwhile, the Oregon State Police have brought the hammer down on Mike while real criminals are released from jail, and countless Oregonians wait through unending delays for an “approval” to purchase a firearm because OSP won’t do their job. The Oregon legislature keeps passing bills to further hamstring any cop who actually wants to work and they are doing all they can to make life easy for real criminals.

Too many Oregon Republicans in the Legislature, particularly the “leaders” have drunk the KoolAid.  Oregon is barreling downhill. We are fighting on multiple fronts. But Mike’s situation is critical.  We have seen how unjust the Oregon “Justice System” can be and Mike is being railroaded by militant leftists who are destroying the state. And the people who should be standing up for him have been asleep at the wheel.

If you can help in even a small way it could make a big difference. We are NOT asking you to send a donation to OFF or our PAC.  We would like you to give directly to Mike. If you can help, please write your checks to “Mike Nearman.”

Send them to us so we can protect what little is left of his privacy and we’ll make sure he gets them.  This battle gets uglier by the minute but we can’t abandon our friends.

Mike Nearman c/o OFF

PO Box 556

Canby OR


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Gun Ban Bill Passes. 6 Republicans Made It Happen

The Sellout is Complete



SB 554 as amended by the House, has been passed by the Senate and now goes to the governor for her signature.

The bill was rushed onto the schedule last night after having been posted for a vote on June 11th and then June 15th.

6 Republicans Senators once again provided the quorum needed to pass the bill. Last month almost all House Republicans did the same.

The Republican Senators who helped pass the bill were:

Fred Girod

Dick Anderson

Bill Kennemer

Tim Knopp

Bill Hansell

Lynn Findley

Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod rose on the Senate floor to call Oregon Firearms Federation a “fringe group” and said it was not “ok” to threaten people.

This has become a popular theme of Republican “Leaders” who not long ago were calling OFF begging for money.

Apparently we were out bid by the millions in Federal money legislators got in exchange for rolling over.

Of course OFF has never threatened anyone. Ever.

Comically, he also said we were “not welcome in his office and should be banned from the building.”

Perhaps Fred’s mask is cutting off his air and he has not noticed that we, and everyone else, have been banned from the building for a long time. Fred did not consider OFF a “fringe” group when he came to us with his hand out. As you might imagine we will be asking Girod to return the checks we sent to him.

That was YOUR money Girod took to help the sell outs. We hope you’ll join us in our demand for a refund.

Your God given rights to keep your family safe have just been flushed down the toilet by…Republicans.

Throughout this disgraceful display, House Rep Bill Post has attacked OFF, accused us of misleading people and promised that the Republicans had a “secret plan.”  Looks like Bill’s mask was a bit too tight as well.

Not participating in this side show were:

Dallas Heard

Dennis Linthicum

Chuck Thomsen

Kim Thatcher

Brian Boquist

Art Robinson

They stood up for your rights.

Dennis Linthicum posted this today.

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Gun Ban Scheduled For Tomorrow.


After delaying the Senate vote on SB 554 until June 11th, and then moving it again to June 15th, the Senate has now scheduled the vote for tomorrow.

There have been no explanations for these multiple changes and it could change again.

SB 554, as you know, combines the restrictions from the original 554 with the lock up requirements of HB 2510.

The Senate convenes tomorrow at 10.30 am.

If the Senate approves of the changes made in the House, the bill will go to the Governor and will pass.

If they do not approve, the bill will go to a conference committee to come up with a version both houses approve of.

We will keep you informed.