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The Senate Judiciary Committee has released its latest version of legislation to render your self defense firearms worthless.

Tomorrow at 2PM they will have an “informational hearing” to discuss “Legislative Concept 38.” It is a mash-up of several previous attempts and appears to include the worst provisions of all of them.

This is the latest effort to require you to lock up your firearms and only transfer them with locks engaged. You will be liable, for two years, for anything that happens with a firearm that wasn’t locked. The assumption of course, being, that if you sell, give away, or trade a firearm the recipient won’t be able to remove the lock for two years.

Once again, the Oregon Health Authority will decide if a lock is good enough to comply with the latest restrictions. (This is because of the OHA’s proven expertise in lock construction.)

At this time only those opposed to civil rights will be allowed to testify. Supporters of gun rights are currently being silenced. You may still attend the hearing tomorrow at 2PM in Hearing Room F, but in keeping with Democrat policy you may not testify.  However, nothing prevents you (yet) from submitting written testimony here:

The draft, as it exists now, regulates the circumstances under which you may transfer a firearm to a minor. However Section 6 (1)(b) strictly forbids possession of a firearm by a minor unless they are being supervised by an adult. So if your 17 year old daughter is alone out on your ranch, well tough luck.

Another “legislative concept” to watch is “LC 193” which will be presented in the Joint Transportation Committee today at 2PM.  The draft’s “relating clause” says “Relating To Transportation” but section 2 of the draft creates new restrictions for CHL holders at the Portland Airport. We’ll be keeping an eye on that one as well.



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The Session Hasn’t Started, But The Attacks Have.

The gun grabbing Constitutional violators are at it again. 

The super majority set their Judiciary agenda today and are pushing the same legislation that Republican Senators killed last time when they walked out in protest. They have scheduled hearings with invited testimony only for “legislative days” (before the actual session even begins) to push another version of  HB 2505 from 2019.

“Legislative Concept 38,” (mandatory gun lock downs) will be heard on January 15th at 2 PM in Hearing Room F.

We have been told that House Rep. Courtney Neron will be a co-sponsor. 

Because it is invited testimony only, we can all expect the same red shirts and gun haters only, to testify on taking away your rights. They can forbid you from testifying, but they cannot keep you out of the hearing.

January legislative days are a precursor to what will be railroaded through in the first weeks of the February session. They are ready to punish law abiding Oregonians with the same garbage legislation they introduced last session and you are not invited to tell them what you think. This is the supermajority’s version of “representative government.” Silencing any dissent. 

It has also been confirmed that there will be other bills introduced by the usual gun hating suspects. Apparently they are ready to significantly limit where you can conceal carry. They want to literally make law abiding CHL holders criminals. 
Nothing has changed since last session. This is nothing more than a continuation of the 2019 session as they push through the exact same policies. Please use this link to voice your outrage to the Oregon Democrats.
The battles are about to begin. We need your support more than ever. Please consider making whatever donation you can afford to keep us in the fight for your rights.
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Santa Is Coming And So Are More Gun Restrictions


Just in time for the Christmas Holiday, the folks at “Lift Every Voice” have presented 3 new ways to send Oregon gun owners to jail.

They’ve introduced three more ballot measures to restrict and regulate the possession of firearms and firearm feeding devices for the 2020 ballot.

In their usual rush to ignore facts, they have created a new category of firearm; the “semi-automatic assault firearm.”

Semi-automatic assault firearm means (among other things and we did not make this up) “A selective fire rifle capable of fully automatic, semiautomatic or burst fire at the option of the user..” (Or anything that looks like scary.)

They also include many shotguns and handguns in the list of firearms they hope to restrict.

Early news reports not only got the number of new ballot measures wrong but also misidentified one of the ballot measures as “Measure 43” which was a measure dealing with driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

In this report (possibly corrected by the time you read this) Channel 12 said :

“On Monday, they filed Measure 43, the first of two petitions that would require a five-day background check and keep anyone under 21 years old from purchasing assault-style rifles and limit magazines to ten rounds or less.”

Channel 12 did, however, quote us correctly if not completely.

The three new ballot measures (now in addition to the mandatory lock up measure we are currently addressing in court) are IP 60, IP 61 and IP 62.


IP 60. “will implement an enhanced safety training course, add a waiting period and require that the background check be successfully completed before a semiautomatic assault firearm is delivered to the purchaser, so that we ensure these weapons are kept out of dangerous hands; and … follow several other states by raising the minimum age to purchase semiautomatic assault firearms to twenty-one …”


IP 61 “will follow several other states by raising the minimum age to purchase semiautomatic assault firearms to twenty-one; and…enhance the safety of residents, particularly children, of this state by prohibiting the manufacture, sale, or transfer of large-capacity ammunition magazines…”


IP 62 “will enhance the safety of residents, particularly children, of this state by prohibiting the manufacture, sale or purchase of large-capacity ammunition magazines”



As usual, they are doing it all “for the children.”


Obviously these attacks will only be part of the upcoming battles since the Democrats in Salem have promised to get as much of this nonsense as possible passed as legislation in February.


As you can imagine, we’re going to need all the help we can get fighting these attacks as well as the previously filed IP 40 which requires that your firearms be inaccessible.


Please consider donating what you can to protect your rights and the rights of your children and grandchildren.


Details on proposed measures:


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Attorney General Releases “Certified” Ballot Title For Gun Lockdown Measure.


Late Friday afternoon (11.08.19) the Secretary of State released a “certified” ballot title from the Attorney General for Ballot Measure 40, the “ban on self defense act” of 2020.

Under this measure, not only will you be required to render your self defense firearms inaccessible and useless under most circumstances, but you will be punished if any are stolen and you will be responsible for the misuse of stolen guns.

The Attorney General did make some changes to the draft ballot title, some based on our objections. (See pages 3 and 4 of the “certified ballot title.)

You can see the “draft” ballot title here and the “certified” ballot title here.

You can review the complete language of this very dangerous measure here.

While some changes have been made in the “certified” ballot title, it is still very misleading. The average voter will still have no idea how much jeopardy Oregonians will be put in by this measure.

Not only because they will generally not be able to lawfully have a firearm accessible to protect themselves and their families, but because they will be responsible for misuse of firearms stolen from them.

This measure even assumes that if you lawfully transfer a firearm, that the person you sold or gave it to will not remove the required trigger lock for four years.

Oregon voters who submitted timely comments on the draft ballot title are qualified to challenge the “certified” ballot title in court. If you did submit comments you should have received a notification of this from the Secretary of State. Information on filing a challenge is included in the Secretary of State’s notification of the “certified” ballot title.

The deadline for submitting a challenge is Nov 25.

To all of you who took the time to submit comments pointing out how misleading the draft title was, we thank you for your commitment and activism.

Obviously the “certified” title is not much of an improvement.



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OFF Comments On Anti-Gun Ballot Title


Yesterday was the deadline to submit comments about the proposed ballot title for IP 40, the gun lockdown, theft victim punishment, initiative.

As you know, Oregon voters who submit ballot title comments are qualified to file legal challenges to proposed ballot titles.  You can read the entire ballot measure along with the misleading ballot title and submitted comments here.

(Please note, at the time this alert was prepared, the link in that page for “complete title and AG letter” is not working. The Secretary of State has been notified.)

It’s quite clear if you read the measure (a challenge in itself considering how poorly written it is) that the ballot title is dangerously misleading, in no way letting voters know how many liabilities they’re facing even if they attempt to comply with this effort to render them and their families defenseless. We feel strongly that the ballot title (which is often all some voters read) is an effort to confuse voters into thinking this measure is about safety when clearly it is nothing more than an effort to find new ways to punish gun owners and deter defensive firearms ownership.

You can see all submitted comments here and see OFF’s comments here.

Rest assured OFF will be doing everything we can to ensure that an accurate ballot title is drafted and Oregonians know exactly how the crafters of this message are attempting to deny them the ability to protect their families.

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Gun Lock Up Ballot Title Issued


The Oregon Secretary of State has issued a ballot title for a measure to force you to keep your self defense firearms unavailable and useless.

Ballot Measure 40 “Oregonians for Safe Gun Storage and Reporting Lost/Stolen Firearm” received a draft ballot title yesterday.

You can read the entire measure here.

You can read the entire ballot “title” here.

The title consists of a “caption,” the “results of a yes or no vote” and a “summary” of the measure.

This Constitutionally dubious ballot measure is riddled with dangerous ambiguities and confusing contradictions.

For example, while it requires that guns be rendered useless with cable or trigger locks, [section 1 (a)]  it also says the gun isn’t legally locked if these locks can be defeated. [ Section 1 (b) ] Trigger locks and cable locks can easily be defeated with common household tools.

Section 4 (1) (A) restricts transfers of firearms to minors, but section (3) of that same section says it doesn’t apply to firearms “owned by the minor.” How do you transfer a firearm to a minor who already owns it?  There’s more.

In short, Ballot Measure 40 creates a quagmire of incomprehensible mandates and dangerous restrictions designed to create a legal minefield for gun owners.

We are preparing a response and we’d value your input on two separate issues.

First, if you are inclined to deal with the minutia of this poorly written attack on your safety, we encourage you to read the measure itself and help us point out its obvious flaws.

Second, we have until Oct 24th to file comments on the entirety of the Ballot Title. That means the Caption, the Result of a Yes and No vote and the Summary, and suggest alternatives.  This does NOT mean comments on the ballot measure language itself. Just the accuracy of the Ballot Title.

If you’d care to share your observations with us please send them to

Thank you.

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Lock Up Your Self Defense Moves Forward


A ballot measure that will require you to keep your self defense firearms locked up and unavailable is moving forward.

Ballot Measure 40 has collected enough signatures to get a ballot title from the Attorney General.

In Oregon, the Attorney General is a vocal anti-gun radical. You can rest assured she will do all she can to write the most sympathetic ballot title possible. Of course, we will be doing all we can to prevent that.

The simple truth is, mandatory gun l0ck up laws are unconstitutional. This is not in doubt. The US Supreme Court made that clear in the Heller decision.

So now we have no choice but to gear up to fight them in court. We simply must not allow them to write a ballot title that misleads Oregon voters. They need to know that under the proposed ballot measure, victims of theft in Oregon will face harsher penalties than gun thieves will. It’s insane.

Please consider contributing as much as you can to our legal fund to  stand in the way of this madness. If we don’t succeed all Oregonian gun owners will  face severe legal jeopardy simply for having the means to defend themselves and their loved ones.

You can make a tax deductible donation here .

Please choose “Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation” from the “Donation Category” drop down menu to ensure that your donation qualifies for a tax deduction. Thank you for your commitment to liberty.

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Gun Grabbers Are Back. And They Are After You.



“If a loaded gun was not easily accessible to him that night, I believe he would be with us today.”

“Carol Manstrom says she lost her 18-year-old son when he grabbed his father’s unsecured pistol and shot himself….”

Now as a result of the reckless and foolish behavior of her and her husband, Manstrom wants to punish you by taking away your right to defend yourself and your family from criminal attack.

Manstrom has joined the usual chorus of Oregon leftists determined to harass law-abiding gun owners by forcing them keep their self defense tools inaccessible when most needed.

They have turned in the initial signatures to get a ballot title for Measure 40 a rehash of gun lock-up regulations we defeated in their last ballot measure effort and when they tried to pass it as legislation in 2019.

This ballot measure includes provisions that require you keep a trigger or cable lock on your firearms. Bizarrely, you would still be in violation even if you did  have a trigger lock or cable lock on your firearms.

If someone steals your firearm and commits a crime with it, you, the victim of the theft, are strictly responsible for the acts of the thief.  It’s interesting to note, that as we have come to expect from those who want to deny you the right to protect yourself, there is not a single word in the measure that deals with punishing people who steal guns, only the victims of the theft. This is the mantra of the left. Protect criminals, punish victims.

In Oregon, people who steal guns face very little in the way criminal liability.  Under this twisted measure, you as the victim could face far greater punishment than a person who steals guns.

The US Supreme Court has already declared that mandatory trigger locks are unconstitutional. But in Oregon that doesn’t matter. We have no choice but to fight this latest attempt to sabotage the Second Amendment and put you and your family in mortal danger. Unfortunately, unlike in legislative battles, we cannot rely on your activism alone.

This battle will be won or lost in the courts. Oregon Courts are notoriously biased against gun owners. So this will be no easy feat. But because of people like you, we have prevailed before. And we can again.

Your donation to this fight will give us the tools we need to defeat this dangerous attack one more time. Legal battles are expensive, we need your help.

You can make a tax deductible donation to our Foundation and it can make all the difference in this battle. Please use this link to donate. If you want your donation to qualify for a tax deduction please choose  “Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation” from the  “Donation Category” drop down menu.

If you prefer to donate by mail our address is  OFF, PO BOX 556 Canby OR 97013.

If we don’t defeat the anti self defense zealots again we are all at risk

Thank you for your support.

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What Is Trump Thinking?


After running on a platform of protecting the Constitutional Rights of gun owners, President Trump seems determined to alienate as many of them as quickly as possible.

Early on he supported firearms confiscation laws, saying “Take the guns first, due process later.” He followed this with a wholely unconstitutional redefining of  a legal firearms accessory into a “machine gun,” an act so absurd and dangerous it is remarkable the NRA was virtually silent on it.  Not only did Trump’s actions steal the lawful property of  thousands, it made felons of countless Trump supporters who refused to comply with a completely illegitimate order.  (OFF is party to a current lawsuit seeking to overturn the ban.)

Now Trump is again openly supporting and encouraging one of the most dangerous gun confiscation proposals ever; “Red Flag” laws or “ERPOS” (extreme risk protection orders.)

As you know, Oregon has enacted this dangerous and unconstitutional law. Now Trump wants to see it spread nation wide.

Under an ERPO, a person with no mental health qualifications can declare that you are a danger to yourself or others. If a judge agrees, the police come and confiscate your firearms. No due process, no day in court until after your property has been stolen. And then only at your own expense, if you can somehow prove you are not a danger. Good luck with that. In Oregon, reasons for believing you are a danger to yourself or others include recent use of marijuana products, a past DUI or the lawful purchase of a firearm in the last 6 months.

The idea that you can be punished without ever having committed a crime is pretty chilling. But rest assured, these laws will be expanded until “predictive policing” will be used against anyone who  opposes the people in power. And we’ve seen it here before.

There are many who will accept anything Trump does believing anyone else would be worse. But as Trump continues to align himself against gun owners the differences between Trump and his opponents shrink for gun owners.

We believe if Trump hears from enough of us it may still be possible to correct the direction he’s taking.  Please take a moment to use the GOA letter to the President to urge him to reverse course and stand strong for the people who elected him.

Click here for the GOA letter.

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Lock Up Your Safety Re-introduced As Ballot Measure


The Bloomberg funded “Oregonians For Safe Gun Storage” is back with another effort to force you to keep your self defense firearm locked up and useless.

Ballot measure 2020-040 is a rehash of all the dangerous and vindictive language we have seen in previous ballot measures and failed legislation.

The measure not only requires that your self defense firearms be rendered useless, it also, (once again) holds you responsible for the criminal misuse of a firearm stolen from you. As has been the case in all previous ballot measures and failed legislation, the measure contains not one single word about stiffer penalties for people who actually steal guns. In effect, you face greater liability than the thief who stole your firearm.

But there is another interesting provision that these measures always contain but is often overlooked. While the measure requires you to lock your guns in a “container” or with a “trigger” or “cable” lock, it holds you responsible for the misuse of a stolen firearm even if you did lock it up!

Section 1 (B) (b)  says the firearm is not secured if “any other means” of opening a lock or container is available to the person who stole your gun!

Clearly, except for an expensive gun safe, almost any “gun lock” is easily defeated.

Despite what the Bloomberg stooges say in their ballot measure, this new attack on rights is not intended to “prevent tragedies,” it is intended to punish gun owners and put them in danger while continuing to do nothing to perpetrators and thieves .

We were successful in defeating the worst of the gun legislation in the 2019 session. But the battle never ends.  The Bloomberg stooges are very wealthy and not likely to make the mistakes they made in the past.

This fight will be all about legal bills and this last session was costly.  Please consider the most generous donation you can afford. Your donation to the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation is tax deductible, Please use this link and choose “Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation” from the “Donation Category” tab.

Thank you.


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It’s Over… For Now.



Late yesterday the 2019 Oregon Legislature adjourned.

It was without question the ugliest, most contentious session in our lifetime. With a solid majority the Democrats chose slash and burn policies with no consultation with the minority party. The far left was determined to ram through a radical agenda on a host of issues and Senate President Peter Courtney, who in the past had been a moderating influence, was completely neutered.

SB 978 was the most far reaching, vindictive attack on gun rights in Oregon history and would have made Oregon one of the most anti-gun states in the country. The Senate Democrats had the votes to pass anything they wanted, and they wanted to crush and punish law abiding gun owners.

Among its provisions were new restrictions on concealed handgun licenses, rendering them almost useless, outlawing countless conventional firearms, and rules that would hold you strictly liable for any crime committed with a gun that was stolen from you, even if you were abiding by new regulations that required that every gun you own be locked up.

Of course, while you would be responsible for guns that were stolen from you, there was not a single word in the bill that addressed the criminals who steal guns.  The Oregon Democrats hatefest against gun owners was an amazing thing to witness.

Having absolutely no say in anything, the Senate Republicans walked out, twice. We had asked the Senate Republic leader to take this highly unusual action because without the Republicans on the floor, the Senate could not conduct business.  The day before the first walkout, Senate Republican leader Herman Baertschiger contacted us and told us they were leaving. There was nothing else they could do.

As you no doubt know, this put all of them at risk of arrest by the Oregon State Police, so they had to leave the state. 

After they left a deal was struck to get them to return. Part of the deal was the death of SB 978. Gun owners owe Senator Baertschiger and the Senate Republicans a debt of gratitude .

But, soon after, it was clear that the Democrats were going to renege on other parts of the deal and ram through legislation they had promised Republicans they would have an opportunity to influence.  So once again, with no choice, the Republicans walked out.

The Senate President and the Governor vowed to have the State Police hunt them down and force them back to the Capitol. That’s when the real drama began.

Republican Senator Brian Boquist, the main promoter of SB 719, told the Senate President that if the if he sent the State Police after him, that “hell would come after you.”

He later told reporters that if the police came to arrest him they should “send bachelors and come heavily armed.” It was an unprecedented moment in Oregon politics.

The great irony is that SB 719 is the bill that allows the police to come and seize your firearms with no due process if the courts agree that you are a “danger to yourself or others.” So Boquist could very well become a victim of the truly dangerous legislation he was responsible for.

During the second walkout we were in regular contact with Republican Senators who kept us appraised of their plans. Late Thursday night we got a call saying that there was no benefit to remaining gone, that if they stayed out past the deadline to end the session the Governor could call for an endless stream of “special” sessions and there was no doubt that vindictive Democrats would pass catastrophic gun control amongst many other damaging bills.

But gun owners were not the only people who felt the tyrannical behavior of the majority was crushing them. Many people who had never been political before showed up at the Capitol to express their anger and frustration.

In the end, tempers flared, threats were exchanged, Oregon again made international headlines for all the wrong reasons, and the Democrats vowed to come back and pass everything they failed to because of the activism of people like you and the willingness of the Senate Republicans to take a truly courageous stand. We are grateful.

When we entered this session we fully expected to face the worst anti-gun legislation in our history. And we did. But because of you and your relentless action, the worst did not come to pass.   So, for a few months (we hope) your gun rights are safe. But the Democrats are furious and have made no secret of the fact that they are not finished. Having been defeated in their attempts to eliminate your rights this session, they will be coming back with a vengeance in February and we’ll need you more than ever.

These battles get more expensive every year, and now, of course, we are facing billionaire gun grabbers. We would be very grateful if you would consider any donation you can afford to keep us working for you.

You can make a secure online donation here.

If you prefer to use PayPal you can use this link.

Thanks again for all you have done.


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Democrats Double Down.


Kate Brown has vowed not to negotiate in the slightest way with the “in hiding” Republican Senators and has ordered the State Police to act as her personal goon squad and force them back to the Capitol. The irony is the last time the Democrats walked out, it was Kate Brown who led them. The hypocrisy is staggering.

Now a Democrat in the House has given the Senators even more reason to stay away.  As you know, Senate President Peter Courtney has decided to fine the 11 Republican Senators $500.00 a day for every floor session they miss. Now in the closing days of the 2019 regular session House Rep Marty Wilde  has introduced  HB 3453, a bill designed to further punish the Senate Republicans by prohibiting them from using their campaign funds to pay the fines they are being saddled with. (Naturally the bill has an “emergency” clause.)

Of course, in order for this bill to pass, it needs to move through both houses. And nothing can move through the Senate unless the Senate Republicans return.   Wilde, in his infinite stupidity, just gave them another reason not to.

You can share your thoughts with Wilde here:


This morning Senate President Peter Courtney declared that the bill that got the Republicans to leave in the first place, HB 2020, did not have the votes to pass. Whether this is a ruse remains to be seen.


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Chaos In The Legislature


As you know, the Senate Republicans have walked out to protest the outrageous behavior of the majority party. The Governor has called on the State Police to track down those who left and force them back to the floor so the Democrats can pass countless bills that will seriously hurt all Oregonians for generations to come.

Among the many threats the Democrats have made (including defunding the districts of any absent Republican) is to ram through the gun confiscation bills we thought were dead.

These are very dangerous times and some of what we are seeing is simply unprecedented. 

We have been informed that in order for the Democrats to be able to maintain the power to arrest the Republicans, they have to hold floor session every day. That means they will be on the floor for Saturday and Sunday sessions even though they cannot conduct business.

Protestors are expected over the weekend to come to the Capitol to voice their opposition to the destructive ambitions of the majority party. As a gun owner, you should consider joining them. It’s a rare opportunity to be able to confront the gun grabbers on a weekend. So please consider coming.

Republican Senators have left the state, but Kate Brown is working with law enforcement in other states to try to get them to assist in the arrest of the absent Republicans and all the Republicans are facing fines of $500.00 for every day they are absent. They need our help.

There are several “Go Fund Me” campaigns that have been started to contribute to the Republicans who have walked out, but the Senate Majority leader has informed us that they will probably not be allowed to accept those funds. They have asked that donations go directly to their “Leadership Fund.” Please donate as generously as you can. They went to the wall for us. We need to have their backs.

You can donate here.

And please take a moment to send a note of support to the Senators who have taken a stand. You can reach all Republican Senators here. 

There is a prewritten message of support, but if you choose you can add your own text in the white box above the message that says “Add your own message here.”  This is not required.


Thank you




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This may well be the shortest notice we have ever asked people to take action on.

HB 2020 is racing through the Oregon legislature. This is NOT a gun bill, but it has the potential to be the most destructive piece of legislation in Oregon history. This is not hype folks. If this bill passes energy costs will skyrocket and rural Oregonians will be decimated. The same people who are working overtime to steal your guns are working overtime to steal everything else.

If this bill becomes law, we will be locked into contracts with other states and countries that will crush anyone who makes a living off the land and severely attack every other Oregonian.

The Senate Republicans who killed the vicious gun ban bill (SB 978) by walking off the floor are willing to take aggressive action to stop this job killing, wage destroying bill. They have asked that we get as many people as possible to the Capitol steps tomorrow in a show of support for liberty and sanity.

Please, if you can be there tomorrow at noon, it could make all the difference.