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Biden Comes For Personal Firearms


As you  know, Joe Biden is moving full speed ahead in his war on America’s gun owners.

His pending pick to head the ATF is a darling of far left gun ban groups and a committed enemy of the 2nd Amendment and common sense.

While Oregon’s two Senators are rabidly anti 2nd Amendment, it never hurts to let them know how much you oppose having the ATF run by someone on the payroll of anti-rights organizations.

At the same time, Biden will be doing all he can to use the ATF to mount a crusade against gun rights on other fronts.

Biden wants to destroy the American tradition of self made personal firearms and redefine numerous terms to make gun possession and creation as costly and burdensome as possible.

These attacks on your rights are being cloaked in the latest nonsense term “ghost gun”.

Some of the most important innovations in firearms technology  were the result of the inventiveness of private individuals tinkering in their own homes and shops. Biden wants to make sure that kind or creativity is stifled.

No doubt, he would be happy to see all firearms innovation take place in China.

ATF is currently accepting comments on the proposed changes.   You can read about them in depth, and comment on them, here. (

If you would prefer not to slog through pages of ATF double talk we suggest you just keep your comments to a simple demand that ATF not use their questionable statistics about crime to cripple the ability of Americans to make their own firearms, for their own use, without the meddling of another alphabet agency. Just as we have done for generations.

ATF’s guidelines follow.

All comments must reference this document’s docket number, ATF 2021R-05, be legible, and include the commenter’s complete first and last name and full mailing address. ATF may not consider, or respond to, comments that do not meet these requirements or comments containing profanity. ATF will retain all comments as part of this rulemakings administrative record. ATF will treat all comments as originals and will not acknowledge receipt of comments. In addition, if ATF cannot read your comment due to technical difficulties and cannot contact you for clarification, ATF may not be able to consider your comment.