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Ballot 114 News


As you would expect, the media is working overtime to deceive Oregonians about Ballot Measure 114. A perfect example is this con job from the Yamhill County News Register.

Note this absurd misrepresentation of what’s in the measure:

“Requirements would include a photo ID, set of fingerprints, safety course certificate, criminal background check and a relatively modest fee payment.

This is an outright lie and they know it. In fact, the measure requires a class that not only will almost no one be able to provide, but there is NO CAP on the fees that can be charged for it.  We alerted the liars at the News Register to their “error”  but as part of the cartel media they will continue to lie about the measure.

OFF was invited to debate the proponents of the measure at the Salem City Club, the Eugene City Club, and the Portland City Club.

The Salem City Club quickly cancelled when no one from the anti-rights “Lift Every Voice” would agree to debate.

The Eugene City Club locked in a date and sent an official invite to OFF and then rescinded it with no explanation.

The Eugene City Club now lists anti-gun extremist Mark Knutson as debating… himself.

The Portland City Club has scheduled a debate for October 21st and we’ll see if the other side actually shows up.

In addition, we are scheduled to debate the gun grabbers at “endorsement interviews” with the Oregonian and Willamette Week.

Willamette Week’s is scheduled for Oct. 5th and the Oregonian’s is Oct. 12th.  If they make these available to the public we will share that info when we have it.

Since the media, and the leftists pushing this, are determined to prevent the public from knowing what is actually in this measure, we are greatly looking forward to these “conversations.”

It’s becoming increasingly clear from information we are getting about the people who support this measure that they know it is terribly flawed and has gross racist elements, but are determined to keep this information from voters.

This past weekend we distributed hundreds of Stop114 lawn signs at the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club Gun show. We want to sincerely thank ARPC for providing a forum and the volunteers who came and made it all happen.  We also want to thank the Powder River Sportsman’s Club for stepping up and making their own signs that they contributed as well.

All of this, and our voter guide arguments, were made possible by your generous donations. 

Because of them, the Stop 114 Committee has also been able to purchase a significant number of radio ads scheduled to begin airing soon.

We want to sincerely thank Damian Bunting for the production of this excellent video.  Please share it. The other side has seen a massive upswing in large donations so every dollar you donate, and every time you share the truth about Mz 114 helps tremendously .

The website is still the single best source for information about this truly demented ballot measure so please share it as well.

You can donate to the fight here.